A letter from Dave Haskell, Brithdir, Cardigan


Dear Editor

Not another disastrous First Leader

The latest idiocy of the Welsh Government clearly indicates how disastrous Welsh (and indeed, Scottish) devolution has proven to be. The threatened closure of The National Museum of Wales is nothing short of vandalism.

When I was a small boy growing up in Cardiff, I was always impressed with the iconic architectoral standard of the three buildings in the civic centre, namely, The Law Courts, The City Hall and, of course, The National Museum of Wales.

As a young schoolboy these buildings were something to be very proud of; indeed, many a happy Saturday afternoon was spent exploring the museum – and of course learning - priceless to an inquistive young mind.

What totally out of touch and incompetent so-called representatives that are quite happy to waste about £33 million in implementing the 20mph fiasco - that is totally against the wishes of the majority of Welsh people - and then looking to sacrificing national treasures to find the money to pay for their sins!

The Senedd would be wise to keep their grubby hands off ALL Welsh museums, including the St. Fagan's National History Museum, thus preserving Welsh culture and the vital tourist trade.

Let us be totally honest, as both devolution and Welsh Labour have been a total fiasco failing the Welsh health service, education, infrastructure, tourism, etc, etc!

What has happened to democracy and what on earth make these people tick – you have to wonder who voted for these Philistines?

Yours sincerely

Dave Haskell, Brithdir, Cardigan