Dear Editor,

A letter from Lili Dunn, NSPCC Local Campaigns Manager for Wales

The NSPCC believes everyone has a part to play in helping to keep children safe, from shop workers and café staff, to librarians, swimming pool attendants and passengers on public transport.

That’s why our Listen Up Speak Up campaign is encouraging schools, businesses and community groups across Wales to take part in free workshops offering advice on what to do if you’re concerned for a child’s safety or wellbeing and who to contact for support.

The workshops are being offered face-to-face and online, and run through a series of real-life scenarios, giving practical advice about how to approach challenging situations where a child might be at risk.

We are determined to reach as many people and as many communities as possible so we can inspire a movement of change that ensures all children and young people live happier safer lives.

We would love to hear from you about hosting one of our Listen Up Speak Up workshops, so please do get in touch and together we can make a difference.

To organise or attend a workshop, please email – we require a minimum of ten people at each face-to-face session.

However, anyone can sign up to our free 10-minute online training by visiting


Lili Dunn, NSPCC Local Campaigns Manager for Wales