We have so many fantastic walks in Pembrokeshire, but not all are pushchair friendly. We regularly go on this one, which we love.

Head out of Pembroke on the B4319 towards Stackpole.

Follow the signs to the Stackpole Centre, you can park on the grass verges near there, as long as you are not obstructing anything.

There are two tiny lanes that lead to the eight arch bridge, depending where you park, you can walk down one of these lanes - NB you can't park here, there is no room.

Crossing the eight arch bridge, there are stunning views across the water to the site of the old house.

Just follow the wide track all the way towards Stackpole Quay - straight on.

Note - you will reach a point - like a crossroads of the tracks, with a rope across, unhook this to walk through, making sure you re-hook the rope across.

You will probably meet a cow (or couple of hundred!) We have a few times. They do not bother you - they are usually being herded in or out from milking. I like them - it makes the walk interesting! 

We take Bella, our pup, on a lead and she loves the walk - not the cows as much! 

The reward at the end of the walk is the gorgeous Boathouse at Stackpole Quay.

Treat yourself to the best cream tea, or cake, they are super scrummy.

You can sit outside in the courtyard or on the grass with your doggy.

The walk is roughly 40 minutes each way. I walk most of it, but my little legs do get tired.

This is a lovely walk, not too steep or bumpy, or too long. If you decide to park at Stackpole Quay, you will have to pay, unless you are a member of The National Trust.