A petition calling for a statue of Henry VII to be erected in Pembroke has been handed into the National Assembly for Wales.

Historian Nathen Amin, from Llanelli, has petitioned the Welsh Government to fund a statue of Henry VII in Pembroke as a way of both marking the town as his birthplace and boosting tourism.

Nathen said: "It is difficult to overstate the financial benefits the Tudors bring to the UK tourist industry, hundreds perhaps thousands of Americans alone regularly visiting the many palaces and castles in England to place themselves in the very spot history happened.

"Hampton Court. Windsor. Kenilworth Castle. Ludlow Castle. Hever Castle. The list is endless. Disappointingly and somewhat with a degree of short-sightedness Pembroke as a town and a castle has not capitalised on this Tudor-mad industry by marketing itself as a core Tudor attraction.

"On my many visits to Pembroke castle I have often been surprised by the lack of celebration towards the life of Henry Tudor at this castle.

"This isn't merely a location with a tenuous link to the Tudors, it's an integral part of the Tudor story as the birthplace of Henry VII. "

The petition, with 144 signatures, was due to be presented at the Senedd yesterday (Tuesday).