One of the founder members of the Independent Group at County Hall has resigned his membership in a shock move that could prove to be a devastating blow to the ruling group's narrow majority.

Haverfordwest councillor Peter Stock, announced he was stepping down from the group yesterday(Monday) but will continue as councillor for the Portfield ward of Haverfordwest.

This leaves what is now known as the Independent Plus Group with 31 of 60 councillors.

Cllr Stock, a councillor for town and county for 37 years, plans to "go it alone" but will form what he has called the Independent Alliance, and hopes other councillors will consider joining him.

In his letter of resignation to Cllr Adams, Cllr Stock said: "It is with great regret and a heavy heart that I resign.

"I feel that loyalty, dedication and experience counts for nothing in the group. I'm not in a position to fight for the successes that my town and county deserves so I find myself going it alone."

The reason for his decision, Cllr Stock said, was a lack of action.

"I feel we're not progressing, not only with education, but things in general, we are not doing things the right way to get Pembrokeshire out of this recession affecting the whole country.

"Talking shops are fine, if it's followed by an action shop.

"There are a lot of things I believe we should be doing that we have not been doing. I believe councillors should be involved - not just officers - and there should be corporate plans on how to go forward."

Cllr Adams said that Cllr Stock had done "an awful lot of positive work for the authority, if he feels the need to plough his own furrow I wish him well".

In reference to Cllr Stock's concern about slow progress, Cllr Adams said: "Peter has a view on that, it is not a view I would agree with."

He said that he did not believe that the move would alter the political balance in terms of committee structure.

"We will have to be confident that decisions that we take are, and continue to be, sensible because obviously we will need the support of other councillors, that is no bad thing."