Tenby Library is to be relocated to the new Welsh and English primary schools site on Heywood Lane.

At a meeting yesterday (Monday), cabinet members approved a recommendation to relocate the school as part of the 21st century schools programme, subject to detail design considerations.

On March 4th cabinet approved a review of the library in respect of proposals to relocate to the leisure centre. Following a public survey, alternative locations were looked at and the new school site was considered the best option.

“Unfortunately the size of the current library building limits our ability to provide a full range of library services, which means that keeping the library in its current location is not a viable option,” said Councillor Elwyn Morse, cabinet member for cultural services.

“Developing the new library will give us the opportunity to increase the range of stock and services we can provide for the community as well as give us the space to organise activities for very young children.

“The proposed new school site will also give us the opportunity to develop school and public library services on one site benefitting both pupil users and the public.”