A DISABLED Narberth man who couldn’t cope after the death of his parents and was facing eviction, took his own life by overdosing on tablets, an inquest heard last week.

David Elwyn Hugh Harries was found dead at his home in Halkon Crescent on April 16.

The inquest heard that the 48-year-old became depressed after the death of his father two years ago, and his mother in December last year.

Unable to cope on his own, he became reliant on his extended family to look after him.

Coroner’s officer Jerome Davies said: “Direct succession to his house had been used up by his parents, when it was passed from one to the other, and it couldn’t be passed on to another family member.”

Mr Davies said that because Mr Harries had no succession rights to his family home, the council was in the process of evicting him.

He added: “He felt like he had nothing left.”

The court heard that when Mr Harries failed to turn up for tea at his uncle’s house on April 16, his uncle “felt something was wrong”.

Mr Davies said: “When his uncle entered his house and went up to his mother’s bedroom, he found Mr Harries lying on the bed. He was cold to the touch and appeared to have passed away.”

The inquest was told that a box of 60mg tablets was found by the side of the bed. The medication had been prescribed to Mr Harries’ father Malcolm in 1999.

A post mortem investigation revealed that Mr Harries died as a result of heart failure.

Recording a verdict of suicide, Pembrokeshire Coroner Mark Layton said: “Mr Harries could not cope with life without his parents, who he depended on for his care, and took a deliberate step to end his life. David Harries killed himself.”