A MILFORD Haven teenager has been left disappointed by an act of charity which landed him in trouble at school.

Rhys Johnson, 14, decided to raise money for cancer research after his auntie was diagnosed with the disease recently, joining forces with his friend Tesni Doherty-Bowen.

The pair held a charity head shave during a Macmillan Coffee Morning on Saturday (September 28) and worked hard to gather sponsorship of more than £700.

But Rhys, who had been warned by his headteacher at Milford Haven School not to take part, has been forced to work in isolation in the head of year’s classroom following his fundraising efforts.

His mum, Lucy O'Neill, said he was "really disappointed" and felt he was being unfairly treated, especially as, she said, Tesni's school, Tasker Milward in Haverfordwest, had praised her good deed.

"He's been in trouble before so when he came home and said he wanted to do something good I backed him 100%. But now he's being punished," said Lucy.

Rhys said: “It makes me feel low, because I’ve done something for such a good cause and now I’m just stuck in a room until my hair grows back.”

A peaceful protest against the decision to place Rhys in isolation is planned for outside the school on Friday morning.

Rhys said: "It's to show them that they’re wrong for putting someone whose done a good thing for a good cause in a room just for having a short haircut."

A spokesman for Pembrokeshire County Council said: “School policy is set by a school’s Governing Body and implemented by the headteacher and school staff.

“When this policy is disregarded by a pupil – and in this instance the policy has been clearly communicated to the pupil concerned - the school is acting appropriately in enforcing its policy.”