A large group of students have walked out of Milford Haven School this morning (Friday) in support of a pupil who has been placed in isolation following a charity head shave.

The group - estimated at several hundred first thing this morning - gathered outside the gates to support 14 year-old Rhys Johnson, who has been placed to work on his own after having his head shaved to raise money.

Having a shaved head is against school policy.

But Rhys and a friend had their head shaved at a Macmillan Coffee Morning and raised £700.

Rhys got involved after his aunty was diagnosed with cancer.

John Lewis and Sam Hadley, from Year 10, were among those who walked out of school: "We're out for Rhys because he did a really good thing.

"It's for a good cause and he shouldn't get into trouble. His friend is getting praised for it, so why should he get into trouble?"

The students sat down outside the gates and sang 'we shall not be moved'.

Passing cars have been beeping their horns in support as they drive by.

Bethany Roberts’ (year 9) nan Arlene Haynes said: “I’m here to support Rhys and his friends, and to get him back into his classes. He’s done a good thing and he’s been chastised for it.”

Ben Taverner, year 7added: “He helped a cancer charity but he’s getting punished for doing something right.”

Lucy O’Neill, Rhys’ mum, told the Western Telegraph: “I think the support he’s got is fantastic. It’s really overwhelming and the kids are doing for the right reasons.

“It’s disappointing for Rhys – he’s put in the effort and organised something for a good cause, you’d expect the school to support him.
“As long as the students are out here, I’ll be here.

"I just hope the outcome from this is that Rhys can go back into lessons.”

Yesterday, a spokesman for Pembrokeshire County Council said: “School policy is set by a school’s Governing Body and implemented by the headteacher and school staff.

“When this policy is disregarded by a pupil – and in this instance the policy has been clearly communicated to the pupil concerned - the school is acting appropriately in enforcing its policy.


* See a video of the protest outside the school gates on the Western Telegraph Facebook page by clicking here