PEMBROKESHIRE County Council has spent £761,000 on refurbishing the former tax officer at Cherry Grove, Haverfordwest.

The figure – which includes the purchase price, legal fees and design fees – emerged at full council on October 17, following questions from Cllr Viv Stoddart.

Council leader Cllr Jamie Adams also confirmed tenants had not been recruited for the office and 150 county council staff will be moved from their current locations in and around the town.

“It seems to me this was an impulsive buy, without any idea of the costs involved or potential tenants,” Cllr Stoddart said.

“At the moment you have got no tenants in mind and the council is only moving staff around, without any prospect of commercial rents coming in.

“What’s the plan for this white elephant?”

Cllr Adams said: “I’m beginning to feel you would rather see the building fall into disrepair – it’s important that such an initially poorly designed building does not.”

He added: “Cherry Grove will provide an opportunity for improved customer interface and the freedom for staff to flow.

“Cherry Grove is good value for money and will go to good use.”

But Cllr Stoddart said: “This was an impulsive buy and I would rather have seen it not used.”