A Cardigan woman who left school with no qualifications after a "horrendous" time has now been nominated as a positive role model in the National Diversity Awards.

Sarah Chapman, whose story appeared in the Western Telegraph on May 28, was diagnosed with dyslexia as an adult. She said she was labelled a "failure" and "stupid" at school and was expelled months before her GCSEs.

Sarah has now turned her life around. She is currently studying for a university degree, works as a volunteer campaign manager with the Dyslexia Association. She recently launched the Young Dyslexics website, where youngsters can share their experiences through short video presentations.

"I desperately want to improve the experiences of children with dyslexia, there is no reason for them to feel how I felt in school," said Sarah.

The National Diversity Awards is a black tie event which will be held in London on September 14. Voting closes on July 18. To vote for Sarah visit http://tinyurl.com/pqp9zay .