VOLUNTEERS are needed to assist on an exciting new project which explores the lives of a Welsh colony living in Patagonia.

Stephanie Davies of Cardigan travelled to South America in March, following in the footsteps of 153 Welsh men and women who set sail for the continent in 1865 in a bid to preserve the Welsh language and culture.

Today there are more than 50,000 Welsh descendants living in Patagonia and 12,000 still speak Welsh as their first language.

During her visit Stephanie collected 40 hours of interviews from the local people and is now starting the process of translating them back home in west Wales.

As the project is self-funded she does not have the money to pay anyone to translate the videos into English or the time to do them all herself, so she is looking for people to volunteer their time to help.

Stephanie said: “This story must be told and I’m passionate and committed to telling it. All I need are some volunteers to take this project to the next level. I hope that I can bring together a small team to get involved.”

The final project will be made up of film, text, photographs and audio, which will go on display at Cardigan Castle.

You can get in touch with Stephanie via email stephdavies1@googlemail.com