Television presenter Nicola Hendy's recent visit to Milford Haven will hit the small screen this evening (Friday).

An episode of ITV Cymru Wales's Coast & Country programme features the Earl of Pembroke Tall Ship during its visit to Pembrokeshire for Seafair Haven earlier this year.

During the show Nicola was given the chance to travel onboard the replica tall ship which was built in Sweden in the 1940s and is similar to that sailed on by famous explorer Charles Darwin in the 1830s.

The Beagle Trust, together with Haverfordwest-based education and science charity The Darwin Centre, commissioned the boat for one day to give a group of youngsters the chance to go out to sea and recreate some of the discoveries and experiments that would be familiar to Darwin.

The Beagle Trust hope to actually rebuild HMS Beagle in Pembrokeshire and set sail around the World visiting school children and giving them the opportunity to play Darwin for the day.

Nicola said: “It was a fascinating day. Such a treat to spend it on a ship of that magnitude and stature and to learn about the history and discoveries of Darwin. I really believe the young people who were given this opportunity learnt a huge amount and went away with a renewed interest in science."

Director Helen Hyde said: “It was my first experience of trying to produce a TV programme whilst suffering from sea sickness! It wasn’t easy holding onto the cameraman to make sure we didn’t lose his camera over the side.”

Coast & Country is being shown this evening at 8pm on ITV Cymru Wales.