A PLANNING appeal to site a 34 metre wind turbine at Nash Mountain Farm in Sardis has been successful, despite strong local objection.

Pembrokeshire County Council refused the proposal by Julie Ayres last March, on the grounds that the 50kw turbine would have a ‘significant detrimental impact on local amenity’ and an ‘adverse impact on the landscape quality’, in particular the special qualities of the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

An anti-turbine petition amassed more than 200 signatures from local people, who feared the development would have an adverse effect on their lives, house prices, wildlife and the environment. Locals turned out to protest when members of the county council’s planning committee carried out a site visit.

The application also received 87 letters of support, backing green energy and local business.

After the refusal, Ms Ayres exercised the right to appeal under section 78 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990. Welsh ministers appointed planning inspector Kay Sheffield to conduct the hearing.

In her report, Ms Sheffield said: “I conclude that the proposed development, individually and combined with other similar developments, would not have a significant adverse effect on landscape character or visual amenity. Moreover, I am satisfied that the matters raised as material consideration do not carry sufficient weight against the appeal to outweigh my conclusion.

“In relation to the balance to be struck between the desirability of renewable energy and landscape protection, I conclude that in this case the balance is in favour of the appeal.”

The appeal has been allowed subject to a schedule of 13 conditions.