PLANNING appeals into erecting two wind turbines near Castlemorris have been dismissed.

Pembrokeshire County Council unanimously refused proposals to site two 79 metre structures at Melin Penbanc and Pen y Banc last October.

In both cases, the planning officer’s report said: “The proposal, by reasons of the turbine’s height and location, would have a significant adverse impact on the character and visual amenity of the area, including the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.”

A total of 350 people objected alongside the National Park, including Dyfed Archaeological Trust, Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales, CADW and Mathry Community Council.

Planning inspector Kay Sheffield was appointed to oversee the appeal on behalf of the Welsh Government. She attended a site visit on July 17. Around 25 people gathered in Letterston Memorial Hall the following day, during which people were allowed to voice their objections and support for the scheme.

Alex Woodrow lives near the proposed site at Pen y Banc. He said: “People who live in the countryside are in some sense its custodians.

“We have a responsibility to preserve and defend it.”

In her report, Ms Sheffield acknowledged that the proposed turbines are capable of making a significant contribution to national targets for renewable energy, and provide economic and environmental benefits to the local area.

She said: “Whilst all these carry weight in support of the appeal, I do not consider them sufficient to outweigh the conclusion I have reached that the development would have an unacceptably adverse effect on the character of the landscape and visual amenity including the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. My conclusion with regard to the effect on the setting of the Scheduled Ancient Monuments also carries weight against the appeal.”

Ms Sheffield added: “In relation to the balance to be struck between the desirability of renewable energy and landscape protection, I conclude that in this case the balance is not in favour of the appeal. For these reasons, and taking into account all other matters raised, Appeal A and Appeal B are both dismissed.”