A MAN found slumped in his car in the Blackbridge area of Milford Haven had taken his own life, Pembrokeshire Coroner’s Court heard today (Thursday).

Anthony Livingstone, 47, of Yorke Street, became increasingly depressed after being made redundant, and had already made one suicide attempt, the inquest in Milford Haven was told.

Mr Livingstone was married, and had two stepsons.

He was originally from Middlesbrough, and spent much of his life travelling around the UK while working in the construction industry.

Mr Livingstone was on a contract in Pembrokeshire when he met his future wife and decided to settle in the county. The couple married in 2010.

Acting Coroner’s Officer Mr Gareth Warlow said Mr Livingstone was in good physical health, but suffered from depression which “appeared to have stemmed from his childhood”. He had been prescribed medication for the condition, but did not take it regularly.

Mr Livingstone was referred to the Mental Health team at Bro Cerwyn after admitting to his wife he had tried to end his life previously.

He attended an appointment there the day before he died.

On May 8, the morning of his death, Mr Livingstone’s wife said he had “seemed fine” before she left to go to work. She tried ringing him during the day, but her calls went straight to his answer phone. This did not worry her unduly, as he was quite often difficult to contact.

At around 4.40pm that afternoon, motorcyclist Raymond Barratt was driving towards Blackbridge and saw a stationary green Nissan Primera. He initially thought the car had broken down, but then noticed a male slumped over in the driver’s seat.

In a statement read to the court, Mr Barratt said he quickly realised “something wasn’t right”. He didn’t have a mobile phone, so he drove to nearby houses to seek help.

He spotted Nigel Swan, whom he knew, and the two men went back to the Nissan.

Mr Swan opened the car door and spoke to Mr Livingstone, but he didn’t respond and he was cold to the touch.

On the passenger seat was a petrol-powered disc cutter. There was a strong smell of fumes in the car.

Mr Swan called an ambulance, but Mr Livingstone was pronounced dead at the scene.

A post mortem examination revealed his death was due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

“As a result of being made redundant, he became depressed,” said Coroner Mark Layton as he concluded the inquest. “He took deliberate steps to end his life. Anthony Livingstone killed himself.”