COUNCILLOR Jamie Adams’ days as Leader of Pembrokeshire County Council (PCC) are numbered, according to a former cabinet member ousted from his position last week.

As the dust settles from Cllr Adams’ cabinet re-shuffle last week, the ruling Independent Plus Political Group’s (IPPG) tiny majority is set to be reduced even further.

On Friday, Cllr Adams asked the authority’s two deputy leaders – Cllrs Rob Lewis and Huw George – to step down from their positions, although both will remain in the cabinet.

Councillors David Pugh and David Simpson were removed from the cabinet.

But Cllr Simpson says he had “lost confidence” in the way the cabinet was being run, and decided to jump before he was pushed. He will also be leaving the IPPG.

“The head of paid service and the head of housing can confirm I called them on Thursday night and told them I was going to resign,” he said.

“They tried to persuade me not to, but my mind was made up.”

Cllr Simpson decided to quit the cabinet following a meeting on Thursday night with Cllrs Peter Morgan and Mark Edwards.

“Peter felt he was being pressured to not go before the committee investigating Bryn Parry-Jones. I was incensed,” said Cllr Simpson.

“I decided I’d had enough of all the shenanigans at County Hall. You’ve got a cabinet system that doesn’t work. You’ve got a Leader and two deputies who keep everything to themselves. There is no confidence in the cabinet.

“So much garbage has come out of the cabinet, because of decisions made. It’s embarrassing. I constantly get people asking me, What are you lot doing? What’s going on? Why haven’t you sacked the Chief Executive?”

On Friday morning, Cllr Simpson – who has been touted by others as a potential leader – met with Cllr Adams to inform him of his resignation.

But Cllr Adams told Cllr Simpson he had decided to remove him from the cabinet.

“I said, ‘What do you mean, me?’ I am probably the hardest working cabinet member. I said I work hard, I put in more hours than you, and I have never embarrassed you. I told him I had come to tell him I was resigning.

“When I got back to my desk 10 minutes later, he had put out a statement saying he had asked me to step down.”

Cllr Simpson has a clear idea of why he ended up in the firing line.

“It’s because I have got an opinion,” he said.

“No-one else in cabinet wants to say anything to upset him.”

“I don’t think Jamie can survive. He’s down to 31-29 at the moment. There’s rumours of another group breaking away.

“Somebody else went for their papers (to change political allegiance) today, so it could be 30 – 30 by the end of the week. Another few are seriously thinking about it.”

Cllr Simpson added: “I didn’t resign to launch a campaign to be the leader. I don’t want the job. I don’t want the constant hassle,” he said.

“Unfortunately, I think Jamie’s heading for self-destruction. People don’t believe him any more.

“If it all fell apart, I would step up. I’m not going after it, but if Jamie resigns, I would have to have a go.”