Council leader Jamie Adams has told councillors he does not know how much money is being reclaimed from developer Cathal McCosker, or how much money will be repaid to the Welsh European Funding Office (WEFO), following controversial grant payments in Pembroke Dock.

Councillor Mike Stoddart's alerts that grant payments to renovate properties in Pembroke Dock were irregular have led to an ongoing police investigation.

An internal review of the grant scheme earlier this year found there were instances of 'non-compliance' and assurance could not be given that all work was completed to specification.

An extraordinary meeting of the county council's audit committee last month heard that a background of 'pressure and insecurity', not enough staff, and weaknesses in procedures may have all played a part in the controversial grant payments.

The council's Commercial Property Grant Scheme (CPGS) manual, which sets out how European regeneration funding is to be used, has also been revised following the controversy.

At a meeting of full council Cllr Stoddart pushed the leader to reveal how much money is being reclaimed from Mr McCosker.

"You can't dodge this question forever Jamie," he said. "How much are the council reclaiming from Mr Mcosker or his associated companies? The figure is known by the way."

Cllr Adams said that no money had yet been repaid from Mr McCosker or the companies under his control.

However action to recover grants has commenced. He said that he was not aware of the amount, but would ask the director of development to provide it to Cllr Stoddart.

The leader also said he did not know how much money would be clawed back by WEFO. The council will not have to pay money back, rather future claims to WEFO will be adjusted to allow the funding office to recoup the funds.

Councillor Adams told the meeting of full council last week that he could not disclose how much money would be reimbursed in this way.

"I can't [tell you how much]", he said. "Not because I don't want to, but because the information has not been fully understood in terms of discussions with WEFO."

The leader added that the council had a local land charge registered on relevant properties.