PLAID Cymru at County Hall has called for council leader to step down in light of recent Wales Audit Office reports.

Cllr Michael Williams, party leader at Pembrokeshrie County Council, has also said that the disciplinary investigation committee examining the conduct of chief executive Bryn Parry-Jones must be “reconvened as a matter of the utmost urgency”.

An email to Cllr Adams states: “Following the decision of the Wales Audit Office to block the payment to the CEO, the disciplinary investigation committee must now be reconvened as a matter of the utmost urgency. The committee must be allowed to continue its work, with the appointment of a DIP [designated independent person] as agreed on Oct 6th. I further believe that the CEO should now be formally suspended to allow this work to continue.

“This is the second time that PCC has been found to have acted unlawfully under your watch, and I suggest that your position is now untenable. I urge you to resign as Leader at the earliest opportunity for the sake of the county.”

Cllr Williams adds that he is still waiting for a response on the cost of legal advice from the law firm employed by the council for this case, Eversheds.

“It is my intention to seek the support of fellow members to convene an EGM [Extraordinary General Meeting] in order for a full report to be made to members. The situation we find ourselves in is not sustainable and final closure must be sought. No longer can Pembrokeshire be allowed to be regarded as a laughing stock throughout Wales.

“This situation is due to your inability to offer leadership, and you must go,” continues Cllr Williams.

The Western Telegraph is awaiting a comment from Cllr Adams.