PLANNING permission has been granted for a family roundhouse in north Pembrokeshire.

The decision by the County Council’s planning committee comes three months after retrospective planning permission was refused for Charlie Hague and Megan Williams’ roundhouse near Glandwr, despite their project gaining international support.

The latest application from Robert Smith sought permission to build a three-bedroom straw bale house on land adjacent to Gwalia, near Glandwr. The proposed development also includes a barn, shelter, polytunnels, compost toilet and ground mounted solar panels.

Planning officers recommended the application be approved subject to a legal agreement and conditions.

Addressing the committee, Mr Smith said the roundhouse would provide a home for his family of four.

He said: “Our aim is to create a very low impact, completely self sufficient small holding.

“Our business plan is based on providing fruit and veg as well as nuts, honey, plants, cuttings and numerous other small income streams.

“We will be completely off grid except a telephone line. Electricity, water, energy and most of our food will be sourced on site. Most of our waste will be recycled and returned to the land with only a little waste of un-recyclable material.

“We have thought a great deal about the positioning of our buildings to minimise their visual impact while being functional."

Mr Smith said that they have followed the planning rules and guidelines to the letter and the application closely follows the published Practice Guidance for One Planet Developments.

He added: “We shall be publishing annual monitoring reports and a revised management plan in year five. It is in our own interest to create detailed monitoring reports so we can analyse our own performance and build on our own successes.”

Unlike the previous roundhouse application there was little debate among committee members. The motion to approve was put forward and all councillors voted in favour.