A student had a miraculous escape when a train smashed into her car at a level crossing.

Paula Ceely's Renault Clio was hit at the Ffynnongain crossing, near Whitland on Saturday evening, as she drove to her boyfriend's Hebron home.

No-one was injured when the Arriva Pembroke Dock to Swansea train ploughed into the car at around 8pm, but Paula, who was left shaken by the crash, says that it's only a matter of time before a tragedy occurs at this location.

Paula, a second year student at Birmingham University, said that lack of lighting and signage at the crossing left her unsure of the safest way through, and it was not made clear that a train could come at any moment.

The two gates had to be opened manually, meaning that the tracks had to be crossed several times. The car was parked on the line while Paula ran to open the second gate and close the first.

Paula, aged 20, said: "When I got to the level crossing I thought I had come to a dead end at first because there were no signs about trains crossing. It just looked like a farm gate.

She added: "There was torrential rain and pitch darkness, so I couldn't see the tracks.

"I panicked when I heard the train and thought about trying to get in and move my car, two seconds later the train passed and there was a bang."

The car was spun round by the impact, and it's bonnet was carried almost half a mile along the track.

Her boyfriend Tom Finucane was appalled by the incident, and is planning to campaign to get the crossing changed.

He said: "Something has to be done, and I will not stop until this crossing is made safe.

"People have to be made aware of how dangerous it is.

Tom's mother Wendy said: "It's a really dangerous crossing, luckily Paula was unhurt, but she could have been killed. It's a death waiting to happen.

"We're incensed by this. We have been told that accidents have happened there before, and who knows how many near misses have gone unreported."

British Transport Police accident investigators are now dealing with the incident, and an inquiry is underway.

A spokesman for Network Rail said: "The level crossing incident is still under investigation. Initial indications confirm that all equipment worked correctly.

"I can also confirm there were no issues relating to signage or the condition of the crossing in the last inspection report."