GHOSTLY goings on continue to spook Pembrokeshire motorists, this time on a quiet coastal road.

Paranormal investigators at Pembrokeshire Beyond have received two reports of what appears to be a young man running in front of cars at Newgale before disappearing out of sight.

It follows similar roadside hauntings between Milford Haven and Haverfordwest in February, where three motorists witnessed a shadowy figure run out in front of them.

A driver, who wished to remain anonymous, was travelling past Newgale beach car park at around 10pm on Saturday, March 14 when they saw a young man in a red jacket run in front of the car and then disappear into the rock face.

The driver said: “I did not collide with a person but just saw someone literally run in front of me into the rock face.

“I was greatly disturbed. It shook me up to be honest as I’m not a believer in such things.”

Another motorist, who also wanted to remain anonymous, had a similar experience on the same stretch of road just after 9pm on Saturday, March 21. There were four people in the car and both the driver and the front seat passenger witnessed a man run in front of the vehicle and vanish into the cliff opposite.

The driver said: “It was so quick but it was clearly a person. I would say it was a man dressed in flares and a jacket with longish blonde hair, like a surfer type.

“We stopped and got out. The two girls in the back were really confused and thought we were messing about, but something ran across the road and vanished without trace.”

Gavin Davies, owner of Pembrokeshire Beyond, said: “One local resident says that the phantom is not a new occurrence and that it has been seen for decades. She claims that many have seen the paranormal activity at the same spot and as no one to date has been hurt and that the ghostly young man does not pose a threat.”

He added: “Pembrokeshire has become a hive of roadside hauntings with the Milford Haven to Haverfordwest road having over 45 separate accounts of a strange and chilling roadside apparition and also the plethora of phantom activity at Clay Lane, Haverfordwest.”

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