SCHOOLCHILDREN have had a wild time creating a new species of guidebook for Folly Farm.

The teenagers from Pen-y-Bryn Special School at Swansea have worked with their teacher James Williams to produce The Folly Farm Book which is now on sale in the attraction’s shop.

It is also available in Swansea Library, along with other similar interactive books produced by the school’s lively Enterprise Group.

All the proceeds from the book will go to the Pembrokeshire organisation Neptune’s Army of Rubbish Collectors (NARC), which carries out marine clean-ups and also spruces up Folly Farm’s penguin pool.

The book, featuring the pupils’ artwork, photos and research, includes a QR code to scan to access an interactive online copy, narrated by Wynne Evans, of Go Compare fame.

“This is a wonderful book," said Folly Farm's head of marketing, Zoe Wright. "The school has been coming to Folly Farm for several years, and the pupils are always so hard working and enthusiastic."

All the pupils involved in producing the book were presented with certificates to mark their achievement at its launch ceremony at Follty Farm, before enjoying a day out at the park.