POLLING day in the Welsh Assembly elections is just 24 hours away and today the spotlight falls on the campaign in the south of the county.

The Western Telegraph sent all five candidates questions on the issues that affect every person in the county. From affordable housing to the future of Withybush Hospital, the candidates were quizzed to help you make up your mind before you cast your vote.

Here Christine Gwyther (Labour), Malcolm Calver (Independent), John Dixon (Plaid), John Gossage (Liberal Democrat) and Angela Burns (Conservative) give their responses...

Questions: 1. What is the single most important issue facing Pembrokeshire and why?

2. House prices in Pembrokeshire are now many more times the average income. First-time buyers cannot get on the housing ladder. What is the solution?

3. Outline your party's plans for the long-term future of Withybush Hospital.

4. How do we balance the need for development while keeping Pembrokeshire's beauty?

5. Use this space to sell yourself to the voters.

Angela Burns, Conservative

1. The Hospital. Dentists. Jobs. Farming. Pensions. Education. Bureaucracy. All important issues, but perhaps the biggest is people's total mistrust of politicians and politics brought about by the lies and spin of Labour and their total disregard of the people's voice. Without trust it's difficult to move forward and build a cohesive society.

2. The Welsh Conservatives have pledged an additional £64million for affordable housing. Additionally I believe we should encourage schemes whereby people can part-rent/part-buy their homes. Our party is the only one that has committed to retaining the principle of Right to Buy to help people achieve home ownership.

3. The first priority of the Welsh Conservatives is to back our NHS and stop Labour's hospital cuts. We are committed to keeping Withybush while recognising that change will be required to enhance and broaden the services offered. Above all we will listen to what the people of Pembrokeshire want.

4. With great care. We don't want to be another Cornwall, but we do need more businesses here to underpin our economic development and provide good prospects for us al,l particularly our school leavers. There are many places that have done both successfully and we should learn from them.

5. We live in the most beautiful place, but thanks to Labour we suffer third world public services, few job prospects, under-funded schools, poor transportation and our farmers are being destroyed. If you elect me I will fight for these issues and bring democracy back to Pembrokeshire by listening to YOU.

Christine Gwyther, Labour

1. Our location. It's the reason it is difficult to attract NHS dentists. Welsh Labour this year created 12,000 extra NHS dental places in Pembrokeshire, and our election pledge is to provide an NHS dentist for EVERYONE who wants one. Unlike other parties, Labour delivers.

2. You cannot stop house prices rising. But government can provide affordable homes on publicly-owned land. Welsh Labour will provide 6,500 affordable homes over the next four years. This isn't pie in the sky - it has been properly costed.

3. Withybush Hospital has a bright future. As well as the new A&E, new scanner, new out-patients already being built, there's a £30million programme of investment - new theatres, kidney unit, big cancer day unit. Let's get behind the hospital we love, instead of running it down all the time.

4. We cannot live in a museum - this county would die without new jobs and without industry. But all development has to have the strictest controls. Pembrokeshire enjoys the highest environmental protection - the national park, the coastal special area of conservation. Our flora and fauna are amazing, and biodiversity is the key to a healthy environmental future.

5. It's been an incredible eight years for west Wales and I've been part of that journey. My constituency has two new hospitals and record investment in health. Dozens of schools have been rebuilt and extended. I don't make rash promises, because I am not a flash-in-the-pan politician; I am here to stay and work for the area I was born in, and where I intend to stay.

Malcolm Calver, Independent

1. The provision of support for our older residents and children as the most vulnerable members of our society. The needs of older residents, particularly in relation to healthcare, must be met. Parental expectations to have their children educated in a disciplined environment in order to fulfil their potential must be realised.

2. Rising house prices are a result of an increase in the price of land for development, the availability of which decreased due to planning restrictions and the hoarding' of land by some developers. Once planning permission has been granted a time limit on completing the development should be included, thereby safeguarding the availability of housing.

3. Healthcare provision needs to satisfy the medical needs of patients at modern facilities staffed by well-trained medical professionals and situated in a location with good transport links. All evidence indicates both Withybush and Glangwili Hospitals are needed.

4. The Milford Haven waterway has been a major source of employment for the last 40 years. Its development to safeguard the economic well-being of the area must continue, in addition to employment development in our towns and villages. We live in a beautiful area, but in order to remain and enjoy this beauty we must be able to provide for ourselves and our families through good employment opportunities.

5. By supporting me with your vote you would be assured of independent representation unfettered by party affiliation. Party policy would have no role to play, your concerns would be my priority and our area my focus.

John Dixon, Plaid Cymru

1. The most important issue facing Pembrokeshire - and indeed the rest of the world - is man's impact on the environment, and the need to reduce that impact. If we want a sustainable future for future generations we have to learn to live within the limits which the earth sets.

2. Firstly, accept that leaving market forces in control will only worsen the situation. Then, change planning rules to ensure that development meets local needs rather than being driven by profit. We are also proposing grants for first-time buyers and measures to control second homes to stop prices spiralling further.

3. We will call a complete halt to Labour's reconfiguration' proposals. We will develop community, general hospital and specialist services which ensure adequate services for all our people within easy access of their homes. We recognise this means that rural areas such as Pembrokeshire need local, not centralised, hospital services.

4. Planning of development should be driven by local needs. Local needs include developing the tourist industry, which is vital to the county's economy, meaning that it has to be appropriate in scale and design. Local needs also include affordable housing for local people, and the provision of decent, well-paid, jobs.

5. This election offers a clear choice for the future of our nation. We know that we cannot return to the Tories, but Labour has proved no better. Plaid has a clear vision for Wales, and the will, determination and single-mindedness necessary to deliver it. Together, we can make a difference.

John Gossage, Liberal Democrat

1. Many on the doorstep focus on the economy. Wages are among the lowest in Wales. Firms need to find growth markets to create better jobs. Environmental goods and services are an opportunity. They are growing rapidly because of the need to build a low carbon economy to escape climate change.

2. Apart from better jobs which pay more, we also need to increase the supply of low-cost housing. We must innovate; use pre-fabrication techniques, free up more land, use shared appreciation mortgages and liberate Housing Associations to invest greater sums in affordable houses to rent or buy.

3. Withybush should remain part of a network of district general hospitals serving the three counties. No hospital should acquire clinical dominance and services should not be downgraded. This was proposed in our response to Designed to Deliver and was endorsed by the CHC in its alternative The People's Vision.

4. The planning system is designed to reconcile conflicts of interest. It should be opened up to allow people to speak for and against proposals. Firms pursuing the environmental goods and services market would be foolish to be seen harming Pembroke-shire's beauty. Economic activity can also enhance and preserve our environment.

5. Living in the constituency and involving myself in community activities means I understand local needs. I will stick up for your interests in Cardiff and use my financial and economic skills to improve the delivery of Assembly policies. I am passionate about improving education and health.