NEWPORT residents are celebrating after plans to build 35 new homes in the town were refused.

National Park members were greeted by a dozen objectors holding placards as they entered this morning’s Development Management Committee meeting to discuss the proposal.

Applicant Mr J Roberts sought full planning permission to build 35 houses on 1.5 hectares of pasture land off Feidr Eglwys.

Fourteen of them would be affordable and accessed via Feidr Eglwys, a further two will be accessed via Feidr Eglwys, while the remaining properties will be set out in two cul-de-sacs, both accessed via Feidr Bentinck.

An area of open space was also proposed, along with new two footpaths linking the development to the town.

Planning officers recommended that the plans be conditionally approved, despite objections from Newport Town Council and 58 individuals.

In her report, National Park case officer Caroline Bowen said: “Following detailed consideration of the issues, and of the responses received from statutory consultees and the public, the proposed development is considered to be appropriate to the setting, and would be in accordance with national and local planning policy.”

Speaking on behalf of the Bentinck Development Opposition Group, Ros McGarry said: “We come here today to ask you to refuse this application for 35 dwellings as this site was allocated for only 12 or at its maximum 20 dwellings in the Local Development Plan.

“We are not against homes for local people, we accepted the proposed site in the Local Development Plan, but we are incensed by the prospect of the number of houses being increased so dramatically.

“We do not need new-build second homes. We need homes for young people with growing families which they can afford.”

She concluded: “The future of Newport is in your hands. We look to you to consider the role of the National Park. Newport expects every committee member to do their duty and uphold the Local Development Plan.”

After some consideration eight committee members were minded to refuse the application, with just three in favour of the recommendation for approval.

The application is now subject to a cooling off period and will come back to committee with the reasons why it should be refused in the near future.