More than 20 Pembrokeshire county councillors have signed a call for an extraordinary meeting to debate a motion of no confidence in Cllr Sue Perkins, the Cabinet Member for Education.

It follows last week's vote against controversial plans to re-organise education in the Haverfordwest area.

Councillors voted by 31 to 24 to reject plans to close Sir Thomas Picton and Tasker Milward School and replace them with an 11-16 school.

The major stumbling block was that the new school was not to have a sixth form.

Sixth form provision was to be provided at a new Pembrokeshire College sixth form centre.

Students from both schools have held a series of protests outside County Hall calling for a choice of where they access post-16 education.

More than 70% of those who responded to a consultation on the plans were against the proposals.

The call for an extraordinary meeting has been made to new council chairman Cllr Tony Brinsden by Labour Group Leader Cllr Paul Miller and signed by more than a third of all councillors.

Cllr Miller said: "The ruling Independent Political Group intended last week to ignore the views of thousands of residents of Pembrokeshire and push through wildly unpopular proposals for school reorganisation.

"I'm pleased to have played my part in halting those proposals but now the race is on to come up with a viable alternative.

"The special meeting requisition I submitted on Friday, supported by 22 of my council collegues, requires the education department to present options as soon as possible for the delivery of a 21st Century 11-19 school for Haverfordwest.

"I'll play any part I can in ensuring that new school becomes a reality.

"At the same time, I feel it's my duty to make sure those responsible for this mess are properly held to account.

"In April 2015 I called an extra-ordinary meeting asking the ruling Independent Group to look again at the options.

"They refused and a vote to force them was lost 22-29. As a result, more than a year on and we are no further forward than we were a year ago and we are staring down the barrel of yet another consultation exercise.

"It goes without saying that this shambles has cost the taxpayer of this county dearly and I firmly believe the only way we can make progress on a new model for education is for the Cabinet Member responsible to stand aside.

"In the coming weeks all councillors will be presented with a final chance, which I sincerely hope they take, to hold accountable those responsible, ebbrace a new direction and get on and deliver an new 11-19 school for Haverfordwest."

The motion for the extrordinary meeting calls for following to be debated: "That this council direct the Education department to work up firm proposals for an 11-19 school in Haverfordwest and desist pushing an 11-16 model that the people of Pembrokeshire and elected members have firmly and conclusively rejected."