Shoppers and visitors to ten Pembrokeshire town centres will be able to access the internet for free this summer when the Town Centre Wi-Fi project is switched on at the end of the month.

The three year pilot, available in time for the Summer Holidays is funded by Pembrokeshire County Council in partnership with Chambers of Trade, Town Councils and St Davids Peninsula Tourism Associations.

The ten towns involved in the scheme are:

• Newport

Fishguard & Goodwick

• St Davids


Milford Haven

• Pembroke Dock

• Pembroke




“The way we shop, the way we communicate and the way we search for information has changed a lot in recent years and this is why I was keen for free Wi-Fi to be made available for individuals who visit our town centres,” said County Councillor Bob Kilmister who lobbied for free Wi-Fi to be provided.

“Undoubtedly, it will prove a great draw for people and it will benefit businesses too,” he added.

Cabinet Member for Economy and Communities Councillor Keith Lewis agrees, believing it will help the ten commercial centres in the County in an age of competition.

“The investment we make in this now, will ensure support for these centres and the people that frequent them.

“I’ve no doubt they will prove popular for individuals and businesses.

“Our town centres are facing stiff competition from the internet as well as other centres across Wales and this will ensure they are able to promote themselves in real time and more importantly, allow customers of the centres to communicate in an instant with their friends and family, at no cost.

“We’re committed to supporting our town centres and free Wi-Fi will help that enormously.”

Window stickers will alert shoppers they are in a free Wi-Fi area and prompts will appear on their screens to guide them through the sign-in process.

Users will have access to free Wi-Fi for two hours before being automatically signed out Downloads will be restricted and users will not be able to stream films, videos, television shows or music via free Wi-Fi.