The Western Telegraph is giving all candidates standing in the 2017 Pembrokeshire County Council elections the opportunity to make their pitch to the voters in their ward.

This article will be updated as and when candidates supply a 200 word election statement and photograph.

Candidates should send their statement and photograph to:

The wards below will be detailed alphabetically.

The election for all 60 Pembrokeshire County Council seats takes place on May 4.

Please use your vote.

With a budget of £300m being spent on education, social care, housing and many, many more services, Pembrokeshire County Council has major impact on the lives of every person living in our county.

Wards and candidates:


Western Telegraph:

Mary Megarry

Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Amroth

"It was my privilege to be the County Councillor for Amroth from 1999 – 2004. During that time, I made a lot of friends and acquaintances, I also hope they felt I made a difference, helping in some way for the County, Communities and individuals alike. Owing to work and family commitments, I had to leave the area, although this was never going to be permanent. 

"Having returned to our home last year, I have reconnected with friends, neighbours, communities and organisations, being now Treasurer of Llanteg Village Hall Association and a Trustee of SPAN Arts in Narberth.  I am also standing for Amroth Community Council.

"During the tenure of the next County Council, there are changes coming from the Welsh Assembly affecting local Government, Communities and the roles of Councillors at all levels.  With a proven track record (National Park Authority and Community Council) I also have the experience required of public service and knowledge of the area.  Having worked for the WDA, Higher Education and small businesses (inc Pembrokeshire Lottery, Radio Pembrokeshire)  I have the breadth of knowledge across a wide range and have specialised professionally in change management, all of which would be to the benefit of Amroth."


No contest. Robert Summons (Welsh Conservatives) elected.


Western Telegraph:

Jonathan Twigg

Welsh Conservative candidate for Camrose

"Living in the ward and with a heritage established in the County, I’m passionate about ensuring Camrose has a strong voice within the Council chamber and with it the responsibility to deliver on your key messages.  Local issues matter and under a Welsh Conservative standard there will be a conscience, guidance and support available to help sustain the need for transformation at Pembrokeshire County Council.

"Through this transparent and accountable platform, I can embrace the challenges of the next Council term in a positive manner with my personality, resilience and life experiences. I am trustworthy, approachable and will nurture action to ensure the County Council delivers on the key objectives outlined within the £300m budget.


  • To be the strong voice and an effective bridge between the Camrose electorate and County Hall
  • To support our young people to take ownership of their education in these changing times, offering a supportive pathway for decision making for their success
  • To make a difference at County Hall with a vision to regenerate and reinvigorate Haverfordwest and its surrounding communities

"Jonathan Twigg; ‘putting the pride back into Pembrokeshire’"


Western Telegraph:

Norman Parry

Independent candidate for Carew

Pembrokeshire born and bred.

Educated at Narberth grammar school.

Served in the Royal Navy.

First elected Dyfed County Councillor in 1984 representative for Carew also serving on District Council and was a Pembrokeshire National Park representative for Carew and Dyfed, Pembrokeshire County Council ,vice chairman of planning, social services member and vice chairman, also a representative for Dyfed and Pembrokeshire for the sports council for Wales 

"As an independent I successfully fought for the Sageston bypass, Sageston county primary school, the Carew, Sageston and Milton waste treatment works, the upgrading of council homes and making land available for local housing for local people.

"I am an independent independent and not beholden to any other political party, I stood up for my electorates and achieved far more than any other councillor before or since. 

"The needs and issues of the ward of Carew have been neglected in recent years and I have been asked almost daily to represent Carew again. Issues ranging from a main sewer for Whitehill, the pressing need for funding of social services to enable the supply of  care for the elderly and infirm in their own home and community, to affordable housing to rent and buy for local families.

"I look forward to hearing your concerns and hopes for the future and working together to achieve these goals, and to return Pembrokeshire County Council to a caring sharing enabling authority and not as a regulatory revenue raising and service cutting  authority."


No contest. John Davies (independent) elected.


No contest. Rod Bowen (Plaid Cymru) elected.


Western Telegraph:

Cris Tomos

Plaid Cymru Candidate for Crymych 

"I have lived in the area all of my life, and have over 25 years of community development experience at local and national level.

"I have helped developed several community cooperatives and sustainable community enterprises. I also volunteer on many charity committees and on the board of the Credit Union – Community Bank.  

"While visiting neighbours and residents there have been many recurring issues mentioned that I hope I will be able to address and support:

"Improve community safety and address crime-related priorities in the area,  remove restricted street parking time on Sundays, enforce a 50mph limit for the Crymych to Hermon road, more community newsletters, measures to reduce littering and fly tipping in rural areas, promotion of rural tourism, measures to monitor dog fouling, seek to reduce Business Rates, budget to lower Council Tax, improved recycling facilities, support for older people to minimise loneliness, more youth and music activities, support to retain rural banking services, monitoring cold calling, more electric car charge points, improved broadband speeds and phone signal, promote car sharing schemes to save on fuel costs, develop projects to provide more affordable housing, investment for additional quality employment to a living wage baseline, identify support to encourage new business to start and to grow existing local businesses.

"I will listen to local individuals, families and businesses and ensure that the voice of people and communities within the area are heard in the local authority and pan-Wales.

"I intend to use my experience of setting up community share offers, obtaining community grants and finance to help local people create new jobs, locally owned affordable housing, to keep local services within the community and ensure future decisions affecting the well-being of Crymych and Eglwyswrw are controlled by the community."

Dinas Cross

Western Telegraph:

Myles Bamford-Lewis

Plaid Cymru County Council Candidate for Dinas Cross

"For the last 3 years I have been a prominent hospital campaigner fighting with real passion and determination to return 24 hour Paediatrics and Consultant Led Maternity to Withybush Hospital.

"Last year I started the petition to return 24 hour Paediatrics to Withybush, with the support of Plaid Cymru, Labour, Greens and Conservative supporters we managed to get 20,557 signatures by the time we handed it in to the Welsh Assembly. A partnership and achievement of which I am extremely proud of. 

"This year I want to go one further, I want to fight with the same resilience and grit for all those in Pembrokeshire by becoming your County Councillor. Being a strong voice and standing up for our communities in the face of budget cuts and service reductions. 

"If elected I will be working on a more grassroots level, engaging with all residents often and with a personal approach. I will be visible and approachable to all. Working with our village groups to build a stronger community for a better Pembrokeshire.  

"Vote for real change on May 4th!"

Western Telegraph:

Bob Kilmister

Welsh Liberal Democrat candidate for Dinas Cross

"I am standing again for re-election with a track record to be proud of.

"I have been an extremely active Councillor who participates in all meetings in a constructive but often critical manner.

"I have supported many constituents with a variety of issues and
frequently achieved results that looked very unlikely at the beginning.
I have watched with dismay at the ruling Independent Group bringing the name of Pembrokeshire into disrepute with their actions.

"We have seen critical reports from Estyn, CSSIW, the Welsh Audit Office, plus the farcical events surrounding the previous Chief Executive and it is my belief that the people of Pembrokeshire have lost trust with their

"This election may well see the Independent Group lose power but it is clear to me that no one grouping will have a majority. Consensus and working together will be vital and I would like to play a constructive role in such a process.

"I am a Liberal Democrat but I will work with anyone - from any party or unaligned - for the good of Pembrokeshire and to reestablish
trust in our local government.

"I really hope that you will feel able to give me a vote of confidence."

East Williamston

Western Telegraph:

Jacob Williams

Independent candidate for East Williamston

"To East Williamston Electoral Division residents: I'm honoured you backed me in 2012 to stand up for you and our patch. You placed great faith in me by electing Pembrokeshire's youngest councillor, and I hope I'm worthy of your continued support on May 4th.

"As an 'unaffiliated' or 'proper' independent I treat each topic on its merits. I don't do as I'm told like 'independent party' councillors.

"As your councillor I've put forward or supported every bid to make PCC more open and accountable, and I strive to achieve best value for taxpayers' money.

"PCC shamelessly stoops to any depth, so it desperately needs councillors able and willing to tackle its many abuses of power head-on.

"My track record here is well recognised, not least by Private Eye magazine, whose Rotten Boroughs column says I'm "tenacious" and that my blog scrutinising County Hall shenanigans is "excellent."

"Plaudits are nice, but I'm campaigning on my record – as an approachable representative, known for standing up and speaking out fearlessly for fair play and best value.

"My 100% County Hall meeting attendance record (150/150 so far) from 2012 to 2017 is unique among councillors. I’ve never missed a meeting – nobody else can say the same. And unlike many who sit silently in meetings, following up their journeys to Haverfordwest with profit-making car mileage claims, I contribute strongly to debates, never claiming a penny for travel expenses.

"I look forward to meeting you on the doorstep again in the coming weeks."

Western Telegraph:

Malcom (Mackie) Harts

Independent candidate for East Williamston

"Hello Elector,
My name is Malcolm Harts, better known as Mackie. I am 63 years old and lived in Jeffreyston nearly all my life.
This is the first time of standing for Councilor and I will be standing as an independent for East Williamston.
"I took early retirement in June 2015 after 32 years working for the highways division, firstly with Dyfed then Pembrokeshire County Council since 1996. In the past I have also been a Community Councilor with Jeffreyston County Council, also a governor with Loveston School then with St.Oswalds School after the amalgamation of Loveston and Cresselly School.
"If elected my promise would be to listen to any problems, issues or grievances that you may have in regards to the running of our area by Pembrokeshire County Council, i.e. housing g, planning, roads etc.
Obviously with my knowledge of the highways, things like footpaths, speed limits, road safety issues alongside the general condition of our highways would be just one of the things that my experience could really help to benefit the area. I would like to see everyone pride in our area and want to see it well maintained keeping an eye on rubbish collections, grass cutting, perhaps even getting the Council to do a little more street cleaning in the communities.
"Thank you for taking the time to read this, hopefully you can see that I am committed to our area and eager to get involved to support every aspect of it. I look forward to your support on Election Day.
Kind regards, Mackie."

Fishguard North East

Western Telegraph:

Alex Allison

Welsh Labour Candidate for Fishguard: North East

"I arrived in Fishguard over 40 years ago.  I am married to Dorothy, a Welsh speaker and native of Fishguard, and we have two daughters and six grandchildren who all live, work or go to school in the area.  At  RNAD Trecwn, I spent 15 years as a full time Union Convenor and I led the campaign to save the 600 jobs. 

"I was lucky to represent the community on the Town Council and Preseli District Council, where I was Chairman of the Environment Committee for 2 years.  I also served on Pembrokeshire County Council for 3 years. I have a long history of working for the benefit of the community. 

"Since the closure of Trecwn, the loss of Dewhirst clothes factory and the reductions in staff at Stena, this area has had a haemorrhage of jobs.  We need councillors who will fight to preserve existing jobs and encourage new work into the area. We need play areas for our children, care for our elderly and a good sustainable road system.  I promise you that if I am elected, I will represent you with honesty and purpose for the benefit of the town and all its residents."

Western Telegraph:

Myles Pepper

Independent candidate for Fishguard: North East

"Representing the residents of Fishguard North East has been a great privilege and it is my strongest wish to continue doing so. I feel I can say, hand on heart, that, through working together, the people of Fishguard and Lower Town have made this place such a very special place to live in. Together we have faced challenges and together we have met them; there will always be new challenges, which together we will rise to. Collaborative working is a responsibility I will never, ever shy away from.

As your County Councillor I can proudly say I have addressed issues from personal and private through to regeneration. No concern has been too great or too small.

Key responsibilities held include Chair of the Planning and Rights of Way Committee, Cabinet Member for Planning and Sustainability and Member of the Board of Corporation of Pembrokeshire College. I work tirelessly to help the community across all ages and abilities be it through schooling, clubs and societies or simply on an individual basis. Please be assured that I will continue to work tirelessly using my extensive experience to help the community meet its current and future needs in education, employment, health and well-being."

Fishguard North West

Western Telegraph:

Dennis Morris

Plaid Cymru candidate for Fishguard: North West

"I was born and bred in Pembrokeshire and have lived in Fishguard for many years. I’m also a serving member of Fishguard and Goodwick Town Council and a local businessman. My working background is ex-military before moving into the private security sector where I worked mostly in Europe and Asia.

My aim, if elected, is to serve this resilient and caring ward of Fishguard North West with the dedication that its constituents deserve. I will promise to listen to your concerns and act in your best interest, I will also keep you updated on any ongoing enquiries relevant to your concerns.

On May 4th I ask you to vote for Dennis Morris and give me that chance to be your strong voice and County Councillor for Fishguard North West."

Western Telegraph:

Pat Davies

Independent candidate for Fishguard: North West

"It has been a privilege for the past five years to represent Fishguard North West as County Councillor and I am asking for further support to continue with that work for the residents of my community.

"I have gained wide and valuable experience into the workings and process of local government and have access to the officers responsible for delivering our many services.  Through the connections  made and my consistent hard work on various committees I have used that experience to deal with all issues.  My records show that  I have one of the best attendance records for full council meetings, committee meetings and various seminars. 

"I have Chaired the Children & Families Scrutiny Committee dealing with the welfare of children and education in our County.   During that period the committee was recognised for effective scrutiny.  It has highlighted the need for better performance in our schools.  We were one of the first authorities  to invite School Heads to scrutiny in order to challenge the standards of our primary and secondary schools and the need for improvement.

"I have worked on issues in our town:

  • 20 mph speed limit in housing area and through the town
  • The development of our much needed one way road system
  • Development of the old school site
  • I am Chair of the Board of Trustees of POINT who work with our young people
  • Member of the Governing Body for Ysgol Glannau Gwaun and Ysgol Bro Gwaun

"My voting record proves I have challenged the need for transparency within the council and for the authority to perform in a more efficient manner.   

"It is essential to ensure that Pembrokeshire County Council delivers all services to its residents at a high, good quality standard and that services are maintained and where necessary improved."


Western Telegraph:

Kevin Doolin             

Independent Candidate for Goodwick

"Born, bred and resident in Goodwick, I am proud to stand as a truly Independent candidate in the town that has been my family home for three generations.

"I spent four years working at County Hall where I encountered a toxic environment, alleged financial irregularities and the unedifying sight of a young female employee scouring restaurants looking for a senior council official who was late for a meeting!

"A change was needed and since it’s happened things have greatly improved. It’s time for a more credible council to stand up (for the people of Pembrokeshire) and be counted! Being elected a councillor is a privilege and not like joining a private club or a cosy retirement home. Pembrokeshire deserves better!

"They need individuals who leave self-interest at home in favour of the interests of their electorate. They should act professionally and treat others, especially council staff, with respect. My message to the people of Goodwick is: - If I get elected your voice will be heard and your corner fought at all times. I will be the stone in the shoe of the status quo!

"It’s time for a change, so please vote for me on 4th May.    

"Thank You."

Western Telegraph:

Richard Grovesnor

Welsh Liberal Democrats candidate for Goodwick

"This is a very important election  when you will choose your County Councillor for the next 5 years. 

"Trust is the important word for me in this election. I have been appalled at the way our County Council , led by the Independent Group, has lurched from crisis to crisis. Trust is a concept that has to be earned and for the future of Goodwick and Pembrokeshire I commit myself to restoring that trust in our local government.

"I have lived in Goodwick for  22  years and have been an active members of numerous bodies that work for the benefit of Goodwick  I have been the Mayor [or acting Mayor]of Fishguard and Goodwick  on 3 occasions and I am extremely proud  that you trusted me to hold that position. I believe that my record as Mayor shows my commitment to the Twin Towns and proves that I can restore some of that vital trust in  local government.

"I have lived with Multiple Sclerosis for many years. I may be losing my ability to walk but my ability to talk and argue the case for the benefit  of Goodwick is not affected. 

"Goodwick has been ignored by PCC for too long." 

Haverfordwest: Castle

Western Telegraph:

Sally Williams

Totally Independent candidate for Castle Ward: Haverfordwest

“I have lived in Haverfordwest for over 50 years. I went to school here, I raised my family here and I have my business here. I can truly say Haverfordwest is in my heart and soul.

“I am passionate about building our community. I love tackling big community projects like setting up the Haverfordwest Business Circle and running the Haverfoodfest, the Raft Race and the ever-popular Yarn Bombs.

“I own my own business in Haverfordwest and was fortunate to win a Local Hero Award 2016, be made Burgess to Haverfordwest 2016 and nominated as Local Business Woman 2016.

“Our local authority faces funding cuts of £10.7 for 2017-18, after losing £16.3m in 2016-17. So this will mean much less money for social care, schools and public services. Who will fight for your corner?

“And those endless Haverfordwest debates around regeneration, car parking, litter - what do you think should be done?

“Elect me as your councillor for Castle Ward and I will listen to your concerns and work tirelessly to represent you. If it's important to you, it's important to me. I believe the town belongs to the people and that we know what's best for our town. Vote Sally Williams.”

Western Telegraph:

Tom Tudor

Welsh Labour candidate for Haverfordwest: Castle

"I have striven long and hard to meet the needs of the Castle Ward and its residents. The past five years has proven busy but it has been a privilege to meet the residents at my regular surgeries or on home visits and to ensure that their voices are heard within the Council Chamber of County Hall.

"Representing the residents, I have been successful on several issues, which include ensuring that the new school for Haverfordwest is indeed a 11-19 school providing 6th form education provision.

"I have voiced the concerns of the residents in the council chamber, but there is more to do. I bring as much enthusiasm and energy to the new challenges ahead as when I was first elected, and I truly believe that I have the experience necessary to fight effectively for the Castle Ward and its residents.

"If elected I will take on the role of County Councillor for Castle Ward with as much enthusiasm and motivation as I did when I was first elected. I am mindful of the privilege in representing the residents and will approach the role, if re-elected with humility and a profound sense of responsibility that they have placed upon me."

Western Telegraph:

Kevin Davies
Conservative Castle Ward

"You may know me as the local milkman, having delivered milk across Haverfordwest for over thirty years.

"I have lived and worked within the town all of my adult life and it would be a privilege to represent an area that means so much to me. "Previously, I have been involved with the action group fighting against the car parking charges at St Thomas’ Green and Rifleman Field. I also have a great interest in the future of local businesses within the area and hope to work towards reversing the steady decline of Haverfordwest.

"I won’t make you a promise that I can’t keep. However, I am passionate about the issues that affect this ward and will always work hard to try and improve facilities for local people if elected.
Reasons to vote

1. PUTTING THE TOWN CENTRE FIRST There are two proposals for a new cinema, I am keen to hear your views.

2. SUPPORTING LOCAL BUSINESSES There are several shops currently empty in town. Haverfordwest is struggling and in need of rejuvenation. Our County town is struggling and in desperate need of rejuvenation. The County Council need to address this and bring the town back to life.

Haverfordwest: Garth

Western Telegraph:

Sue Murray

Independent candidate for Haverfordwest: Garth

Who is Sue Murray?

My family has lived in Pembrokeshire for generations, my father served at RN Brawdy for many years and I have lived in Garth Ward, Haverfordwest for 17 years.  I have also worked in and around Haverfordwest for over 30 years. I was a community care worker and a support worker with autism, this experience gave me great insight into local issues.  I was elected to the Town Council in 2012 and since then have served as Mayor and Sheriff. I have recently been elected as a School Governor at Prendergast Community School.

I joined the town council because I am passionate about promoting and revitalising Haverfordwest.  But to bring about substantial changes Haverfordwest needs to have a strong voice on the County Council.  I AM that strong voice.  I AM NOT and WILL NOT BE ALIGNED TO ANY POLITICAL PARTY.  My priority has and always will be to get real change in Garth Ward, Haverfordwest and Pembrokeshire.

Since becoming a town councillor I have:Reintroduced Haverfordwest Festival as a week of events ; Actively supported retaining services at Withybush General Hospital; Increased the profile of the homeless of the town. Supported the retention of secondary schools sixth form; Champion for littering and fly tipping within Garth ward and Haverfordwest. As a responsible rescue dog owner I have ensured that all dog fouling issues brought to my attention have been addressed.

I want to help change the dynamic of the way our county council makes decisions.  Pembrokeshire County Council need people who are willing to put LOCAL NEEDS BEFORE POLITICS.

We must involve local people of all ages and backgrounds in changing OUR COUNTY for the better.

These elections provide an opportunity to effect change and bring some common sense to the running of our county.  I want to the see Pembrokeshire County Council  be more accountable to residents and as YOUR  county councillor I would be readily available to the people I represent, to listen and to champion their views and concerns.  I want to be a fresh voice on the County Council and TOGETHER WITH THE RESIDENTS OF GARTH WARD and HAVERFORDWEST we can do this.


Haverfordwest: Portfield

Western Telegraph:

Anthony Griffiths

Welsh Labour candidate for Haverfordwest: Portfield

"I have lived in the Portfield area for over 50 years and it is a great honour and privilege to be standing as the Labour candidate for the Portfield ward on Thurs May 4th.
Having held an interest in local issues for a number of years and standing on Haverfordwest town council for the last 5 years I am passionate about helping members of the community.
Having received all of my education in Haverfordwest and graduating from the open uni with a BSc open degree in politics, geography and sociology.
I have worked with adults with autism and learning disabilities for the last 15 years.
My pledges to you the electorate would be
- a better care system for the elderly.
-increased investment in council house building.
-protection of the current refuse collection system.
-the regeneration of Haverfordwest town centre.
- openness and transparency."

Western Telegraph:

Tim Evans

Totally independent candidate for Haverfordwest: Portfield

“My name is Tim Evans and I am standing as a totally independent candidate for Portfield ward in Haverfordwest.

“Born in Solva I moved to Haverfordwest when I was five years old. I was taught family values, respect and honesty and whilst working weekends in Pridmore’s Bakery, I learnt how determination, hard work and good customer service, was the way to achieve my goal of starting my own business.

“In 1976, at the age of 16, I opened V.G. Stores/Tim’s/Spar Store/Tim’s Video Centre in Dew Street and ran this, with my wife Grace, for over 32 years. During this time I was an active member of Haverfordwest Top Town Traders and a Governor at Haverfordwest V.C. School.

“There are many issues that residents have concerns about, not least with dog fouling, potholes, litter, parking, social care for our elderly, education and welfare of our children, town centre regeneration and lack of common sense in decisions made on our behalf.

“Lack of foresight has prevented Haverfordwest from becoming the jewel in the crown of Pembrokeshire!

“I would be honoured to have your vote on May 4. By working together I passionately believe we CAN bring change for a better Haverfordwest and Pembrokeshire. You can contact me any time at”

Haverfordwest: Prendergast 

Western Telegraph:

Gitti Coats

Independent candidate for Haverfordwest: Prendergast

"I am delighted to be standing as your ‘totally independent’ candidate. 20 years raising my family in Pembrokeshire, working as a counsellor and therapist with The Health Detectives, now school governor at STP.

The battle for a sixth form at STP, taught me how some of our senior councillors behave.    If elected, I will support your new school, find the best new traffic access, and resolve existing dangerous traffic problems around both schools.

Working in town, shocked by the empty buildings and lack of attractions and activities, I did two years research, offering new regeneration models and projects to PCC with little or no response. It taught me ordinary members of the public often aren’t heard.  PCC prefers to hire expensive consultants than work with local ideas.   

At the door you made it clear we need more opportunities for young and older people. Therefore, I’ve been working on an ambitious Community Hub project to offer all these things under one roof at The Old Post Office. PCC has offered NO support and NO funding so it’s up to us.   I will challenge costly consultants, wasteful decisions and protecting special privileges - saving money for better services in our communities."

Western Telegraph:

Peter Lewis

Conservative candidate for Haverfordwest: Prendergast

 “For years I have watched the leaders of Pembrokeshire County Council steadily suck the very soul out of our ancient town and proud county. Having shrouded themselves in secrecy they have mismanaged to such an extent that I feel I can no longer simply stand by and watch.

“My high regard for my town is shown in the fact that I have been a town councillor for 30 years and served as both Mayor and Sheriff.

“I am retired after teaching for 35 years and am sure that I have the time, energy experience and absolute determination to see that the people of Prendergast are strongly represented in the challenging times ahead.

“I realize that all services must be efficient, that a new secondary school must be built and must have its access off the by-pass. Traffic and parking problems must be addressed and access to green grass areas must be maintained and hopefully improved.

“I therefore ask the electors of Prendergast to vote for me so that I can do my best to address the concerns of each individual and those of our town and county.”

Western Telegraph:

Alison Tudor

Candidate for Haverfordwest: Prendergast

“I have lived in Prendergast with my family for 25 years and care about the community I am part of.

“I am passionate about Haverfordwest, the county town of Pembrokeshire, which is my home and I want to ensure that Prendergast remains a great place to live and work.

“I work in Withybush hospital helping children and young people with their physical difficulties. I am enthusiastic, conscientious; I can listen closely to people’s questions, concerns and have the drive and energy to persist until they are resolved.

“I have observed the local politics in Pembrokeshire during the 20 years my husband, Thomas Tudor has been the county councillor representing the Castle Ward. I would now like to be directly involved in the decisions made for our county, particularly Prendergast where I live.

“I am passionate in my support of a new school for 11 to 19 year olds in Haverfordwest. In the event of that school being located on the old Sir Thomas Picton school site, I would call for road infrastructure improvements to access the school via the A40.

“I would also call for the business rates in Haverfordwest to be reduced to encourage new businesses into the town.”

Haverfordwest: Priory

No contest. David Bryan (Welsh Conservatives) elected.


Western Telegraph:

Margot Bateman OBE

Candidate for Hundleton

“Dear friends and neighbours, It is with great humility that I put my name forward as a candidate in the 2017 Pembrokeshire County Council election for the Hundleton Ward.

“Having lived in the Castlemartin Peninsula since 1970, my roots now are well and truly in this area, with you all.

“I have a good track record of working within the rural and agricultural industry, but also giving my time to establish working groups and committees to promote and support local food producers, aquaculture, inshore fisheries as well as farming. I have given advice and presentations to students looking at career choices.

“I am environmentally aware, but also know that our area is fortunate to have the refineries, the power station, the Port of Milford Haven, the Army at Castlemartin and, very importantly, all year round tourism and visitors.

“Not being tied into party politics will leave me free to listen to You as electors and take your points and concerns to the council chamber.

“I am a good communicator and have no difficulty in voicing a Point of view or speaking publicly. Please support me on May 4 by giving me your vote –thank you!”

Western Telegraph:

Barry Grange

Independent candidate for Hundleton

My flyers have been hand delivered but if you have not received one please phone 07788816448 or 01646 683581.

My first task is to make sure GREEN projects are suitable for the delicate balance between industry and leisure.

Is using  Stackpole School for one term  the best way for the children as some will have four changes in less than a year?  Angle to Stackpole to Hundleton then Pembroke Comp. How about children first?

The proposed school name is quite a mouthful so why not Angle Peninsula School? It should go down well with everyone.

I will also try to form a closer link between the three community councils as I am sure this will benefit all.

My story is set out in my flyer so if you like where I am coming from feel free to put it in your window.

Contact me before during or after the election. It will be great to hear from you.   I will work and take all that is thrown at me.

The last five years have gone, so don’t waste the next four.



Western Telegraph:

Phil Hart

Unaffiliated candidate for Johnston

My name is Phil Hart and I am standing as a candidate for election in the Johnston Ward in the Pembrokeshire County Council Election on May 4th 2017. I am unaffiliated to any political party.  I have lived in Johnston for 17 years.

My key priorities as a County Councillor will be to:

  • work in an open and transparent manner and encourage this throughout the business of Pembrokeshire County Council so that the people of Pembrokeshire can be fully informed of changes and developments that affect them
  • promote the improvement of educational standards for all children across Pembrokeshire
  • promote a robust system of safeguarding for children, young people and vulnerable adults
  • promote equal opportunities for all across the county

I am proud of our vibrant and lively village of Johnston and the surrounding areas and as an elected representative I would seek to protect our current assets including the children’s play areas, Johnston Institute, our cycle paths and green areas. A key area of my concern is the narrow pavements in Johnston, particularly near the farm, and I would continue to strive for action on this matter of safety for our village.

Western Telegraph:

Rhys Evans

Welsh Labour candidate for Johnston

My name is Rhys Evans, I am 20 years old.

I’m a born and bred Pembrokeian and my partner Andrew and his family are from the village and we have lived in Johnston together, too. I've been involved in Politics since I was in school, representing Children & Young People on local and national level on organisations such as the Milford Haven Youth Council, Pembrokeshire Youth Assembly, Funky Dragon (Children & Young People’s Assembly for Wales) as well as the United Kingdom Youth Parliament.

I believe the Pembrokeshire people deserves to have Council that works for them, not against them. It’s time that Johnston has a voice that represents the views of everyone.

I pledge to:

  • Consult with and voice the concerns of the village regarding all areas of discussion, especially Education provision
  • Fight for a better care system that takes the time to care, properly.
  • Fight for quality, safe, youth services and provision for the youngsters in Johnston.
  • Call for support for Pembrokeshire businesses, making sure the Council considers the impacts that decisions could have concerning the local economy, especially protecting the financial and community assets within Johnston.
  • Act as an advocate for all Children and Young People in both Johnston and Pembrokeshire by holding the Local Authority to their agreement of the UNCRC, embedding Article 12 (states that all Children and Young People have a voice in issues that impact them) in all discussions regarding Children and Young People.
  • Be the most accountable, honest and integral voice for the community that I serve

Contact me by email or via my Facebook page  @RhysEvansJohnston. Thank you.


Western Telegraph:

Gretta Marshall

Plaid Cymru candidate for Kilgetty/ Begelly

"I am proud to be standing for Plaid Cymru - the Party of Wales for the Kilgetty/Begelly electoral division.

"I have been dismayed at the lack of clear and accountable representation for our residents from the so called Independent Plus rulers at County Hall. I want to be a strong voice for our wonderful communities across Kilgetty, Begelly & Reynalton.

"I live in the heart of our community, near the Begelly Arms, and if elected I intend to be both visible and accessible to all residents through holding regular advice surgeries across the area.  I will also provide regular updates and newsletters.

"I have 27 years experience as a school governor and I have previously served as a County Councillor in Cardiff for 10 years.

"A mother of four grown up children and a grandmother and carer, I understand the problems we are all facing on a daily basis.

"We need to work together with partners to secure improved services, better and more job opportunities & skills for our young people and good quality care for our elderly.

"I am passionate about securing local service improvements whilst at the same time looking at how we can better manage the enforced cuts to local government.

"If you vote for me, Gretta Marshall, Plaid Cymru - the Party of Wales candidate I won't let you down."

Western Telegraph:

David Pugh

Independent candidate for Kilgetty/Begelly

"I have lived in Kilgetty for the past 32 years and have been active in the community since 1991 when I became a Community Councillor. Soon after, I became a founder member of the Begelly Kilgetty Community Association and am still actively involved as treasurer.

"I was elected as County Councillor in 2008 and have served the ward for the past 9 years. Since being elected I am proud of the improvements that have been achieved including:- a vibrant community centre and village hall, a superb community garden, children’s adventure play area, safe routes in the community, the miners walk, 30mph speed limit though Begelly, support for local businesses and many other actions that have improved the quality of life here in the Kilgetty Begelly ward.

"I am also a School Governor at Stepaside School Kilgetty, which has achieved excellent ratings.

"Although much has been achieved by working in partnership there is still a lot to do and I ask for your support on May 4th so I can continue to work whole heartedly for this special community at the gateway to Pembrokeshire.

"Please vote DAVID PUGH on 4th May."

Western Telegraph:

Peter Adams

Independent candidate for Kilgetty/Begelly

"Dear Kilgetty, Begelly, Reynalton Voter

I was born in Narberth and raised in Haverfordwest. I have lived and worked in and around Pembrokeshire all my working life.

"I am currently the landlord of The Begelly Arms Hotel, along with my wife Jackie. My three children also work with us and assist in the running of our family business.

"I have served on the community council in the Begelly Ward for the last 6 months.

"With the advent of Brexit and also the local authority cuts to funding, the next 4 years will I think, be a challenging time for county councils.

"Pembrokeshire has to save around 16 Million pounds by changing and modernising services.

"I sincerely believe county councillors should not have any affiliation to any political party in relation to local affairs. I am standing as a true independent candidate and will make decisions based only on balanced evidence.

"If elected I promise to represent you fairly, with integrity and honesty.

"This election needs you, the voter to stand up for change and make your vote count, as Pembrokeshire needs to change. I can help to make those changes for us now, and for future generations, if you give me the opportunity.  


Lampeter Velfrey

No contest. David Simpson (independent) elected.


Western Telegraph:

Rob Kenniford

Independent candidate for Lamphey

"Dear Elector,
My name is Rob Kenniford, I am a 41 year old father of three lovely girls, we live at Lower Nash. My family have lived in Cosheston since 1760, and my grandmother lived for many years in the bustling village of Lamphey which is where my children attend Lamphey CP School.
I live and work on my cattle, sheep and pig farm which I run with my family. Five years ago we took the decision to diversify and launched Nash Farm Shop, selling local products to our community. This supports many other local enterprises and employment within our community. I enjoy my work and life on the farm within our ward.
For years now I have spoken to many people about the concerns they have within our local area and I feel passionate and driven to be a voice working to better our community. I want to be a positive forward thinking member of Pembrokeshire County Council acting upon your concerns and encouraging a better future for us here in Lamphey and surrounding areas.
If you would like to talk to me about any concerns you have within our community please don’t hesitate to call on 07775 591823 or email"

Western Telegraph:

Tessa Hodgson

Truly independent candidate for Lamphey

"It has been an honour and a privilege to serve our communities on Pembrokeshire County Council for the last five years.

"I am a true independent and am not part of any party or group and I promise to maintain that independence should I be re-elected.

"Whenever possible I have voted to defend frontline services, voted against increases in allowances and senior officer pay.  I have always supported any proposal to make county hall more open and accountable.

"Over the last five years I have asked many challenging questions on a range of issues at full council including several on education attainment in Pembrokeshire which is a particular concern of mine.

"I have brought forward a range of notices of motion on – school holiday dates – planning procedures – 21st C schools – appointments to outside bodies – open and more transparent governance.

"I am a governor at Lamphey School and chair the curriculum and standards committee and I have served as a parent governor at Pembroke School

"I have gained invaluable experience over the last five years,  and I would love to build on that to continue working hard for our community and a better future for Pembrokeshire.

"You can keep up with my campaign news by following me on Facebook and twitter @votehodgson"


Western Telegraph:

Owain Llyr Williams

Plaid Cymru candidate for Letterston

"Shwmae, I’m Llyr, your Plaid candidate for Letterston. It’s a privilege to stand for my home ward in what is looking like an exciting election. I’m a trainee accountant, a fluent Welsh speaker and also speak French and German. I’m a member of both the Goodwick Brass Band and Fishguard Young Farmers Club. 

"This election on May 4th gives us a chance to vote for change at County Hall. I am twenty-three years old and believe our Council and County could benefit from more young voices and fresh ideas over the next five years. I believe in public services and want to be a visible, approachable representative for our communities. The status quo is not an option.

"My key pledges include supporting retaining post-16 education in secondary schools, clean streets and pressuring the council to increase how much local produce is sourced for school catering. By standing for Plaid, I’m being transparent about my political views. I’ll join a Plaid team in County Hall with a track record of standing up for our services. 

!It’s time for fresh ideas and new voices."

Western Telegraph:

Michelle Bateman

Independent candidate for Letterston

"My name is Michelle and I’m standing as an independent candidate. I have made clear my intentions to remain independent and unaffiliated. I believe we should work together regardless of political beliefs.

"In the two years since I made the decision to stand I have been learning more about how our council is run.

"I am an active member of the community in Wolfscastle where I live, but have spent time learning more about the other villages in this ward. I have spoken to key community figures, set up a facebook page for Letterston village to share events, spent time speaking to locals in the community cafe, and sat in on Community Council meetings in Hayscastle, Letterston and Wolfscastle.

"If elected I want to re-establish relationships with communities. I see this first and foremost as a community role. I will be there to represent you.

"I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I’m not afraid to ask questions and scrutinise reports and policies.

"This is your chance to vote for change. I will be visible, accessible and most importantly, I will listen.

"Let me be your voice in county hall."


No contest. Michael John (independent) elected.


Western Telegraph:

John Evans

Welsh Conservative Candidate for Llanrhian

“I was born and brought up in the Mathry / Hayscastle area and currently farm at Treddiog Fach. I'm a fluent Welsh speaker and am married to Janet with three grown up children and one grandchild. I have a track record of working hard for the local community, serving on Hayscastle Community Council, being a ‘friend’ of Hayscastle School and a past President of Pembrokeshire Agricultural Society. I have also undertaken fundraising for a number of local organisations.

"I am delighted to have been selected to contest the Llanrhian ward in the County Council elections on 4th May. For too long the Independent Group has had control of the Council and they have concentrated their attention on the needs of the towns rather than the rural areas. THIS MUST CHANGE.

"I firmly believe that with more Conservative Councillors working closely with Stephen Crabb M.P. and Paul Davies A.M. we can bring about the much needed change from our County Council.

"I will, if elected, speak up for my ward, work closely with both of the local Community Councils and champion rural Pembrokeshire. Cllr David Rees will be a hard act to follow and I hope that you will place your trust in me to fill his shoes in May.”

Western Telegraph:

Alan Price

Independent candidate for Llanrhian

My name is Alan Price and I was born in the village of Mathry 60 years ago. I have been a community councillor for 33 of those years, during which time my colleagues and I have achieved a great deal for our community, including working with them to enable the purchase of land and building a Village Hall as a focus for local events.

The purchase of the village greens for the community is in progress, as is the renovation and reopening of the public toilets.

We are now threatened as never before with the loss of village schools, shortages of GPs, cuts to public services, lack of public transport and cuts to the vital aspects of the medical facilities based at Withybush Hospital, to name but a few.

I would like to represent my local area on your behalf, to ensure that our community has a strong and local voice protecting the services we have and preventing their loss and campaigning for more and better facilities in our local areas.

There is a lot to do and I believe that my previous experience as a councillor in Mathry will stand me in good stead.

I hope you will vote for me and I will do everything I can to work for you.

Thank you - diolch yn fawr, a gobeithio fe gai eich cefnogaeth.

Western Telegraph:

Neil Prior 

Independent candidate for Llanrhian

"My family moved to Trefin over 30 years ago, and I studied at Ysgol Dewi Sant and Cardiff University before returning to Pembrokeshire two years ago, having worked in leadership roles for companies including O2 and Microsoft.

"During my career I’ve worked with over 100 local authorities across the UK helping them to make the most of technology to provide services more efficiently, as well as serving on Slough Borough Council’s Health & Wellbeing board. I am passionate about public services and believe that local government can do more to protect services despite the savage cuts it faces.

My key priorities are:

  • To fight to protect local public services, especially the local education provision
  • To represent the local communities effectively and in an open and transparent way
  • To bring fresh thinking and a positive approach to ensure the best outcomes at a local, county and national level for Pembrokeshire

I will achieve this by:

  • Building strong working relationships with other Councillors and Officers within PCC
  • Standing up for the electoral division I represent, being a challenger and applying reason to the future strategic decisions that need to be made
  • Working collaboratively with local people, community interest groups and community councils
  • Encouraging new ways of working within Pembrokeshire County Council to enable the more efficient delivery of services

I offer a fresh outlook, a forward-thinking perspective, and the personal credibility to represent Llanrhian at County Hall. I hope that you will vote for me on May 4.


Western Telegraph:

Hefin Wyn

Plaid Cymru candidate for Maenclochog

“Following my first canvass of the Maenclochog Ward it appears the majority of the constituents are keen to see a seachange in the makeup of Pembrokeshire County Council. “Memories of how the Independent councillors handled the dismissal of the former chief executive with a handsome payment rather than pursue the disciplinary process are still raw. ‘Pydred y pysgodyn â’i ben i lawr’ was the sentiment at the time and that has not changed. How did their collective conscience allow them to act in such a deceptive manner? "When one of their midst stood as a Welsh Assembly candidate it became obvious the Independents have no policies. Leaflets were not produced, it was said, in order to protect the environment!

"On health, listening to the voice of the patients was the sum total of the comments. Enough said. Nevertheless, despite the tarmac laid on the roads prior to the last election, as part of the general schedule of works, several minor roads within the ward need widening, and ditches need to be seen to in order to deal with heavy rainwaters. Potholes need to be filled.The two primary schools feeding Ysgol y Preseli need to be given further support in order to emulate the excellent Estyn report recently given to the Crymych secondary school. They should be the envy of the whole county for both their standard of education and their ability to produce fully bilingual citizens of the future.”


No contest. Phil Kidney (no description given) elected.


Western Telegraph:

Di Clements

Welsh Conservative candidate for Martletwy

"I have lived and worked on the family-run dairy farm in Martletwy for nearly 30 years and have two grown-up children.  I am a Council Member for First Milk, a farmer-owned dairy processing business with an annual turnover of £300 million and represent over 900 dairy farmers UK wide. In this role, I hold the Executive Board to account financially, strategically and in its longer term business plans.

Previously I have worked for Simon Hart MP as his office manager. In my local community I have helped set up the Landshipping, Lawrenny, Martletwy and Newton “Good Neighbours” scheme of which I am both Treasurer and Secretary.  I have been a voluntary Meals-on-Wheels driver in Narberth for 5 years.  I currently organise the local lunch club and recently helped organise funding for three defibrillators for the area.  I also help look after my local church.

I am standing as a Welsh Conservative as I believe in personal responsibility, small government, free markets, individual liberty and traditional values. I believe the role of government (locally and nationally) should be to provide people the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals yet protect those who are vulnerable and in need of help. I also believe that local people usually have the answers to local issues.

Local people have told me that they are fed up of the fact that PCC is not remotely 'independent' despite its claim.  They want honesty and change. Candidates, like me, who stand for a political party, are at least being very straight with voters as to their values and objectives.  My aim is to ensure that the Council offer the very best services, value for money and to be more democratic and open."

Merlins Bridge

Western Telegraph:

John Cole

Candidate for Merlins Bridge.

"Dear Electors,
Living and working in the Village allows me to see the problems and 
challenges we face on a daily basis, it is with this vision that I have 
put my self forward as a candidate in the forthcoming election for County Councillor 
"I have been involved as a Member of our Welfare Committee in the 
first instance as having guardianship of the Village hall and field means that I can be part of a team improving things for our Village. I am also a Community councillor as again it  allows me to be involved at another 
level in helping us.
"Being allowed to represent yourselves at County level would again 
allow me to be a Stronger Voice for the Village at a higher Level, and 
I ask if you would consider myself as your representative.
"If I'm fortunate to deserve your support I can say that i will strive to 
represent yourselves in all that I'm asked to do. Also if elected I will 
still stay on both the community and welfare bodies as i see this as being just as  important as being a County Councillor in improving our Village for 
all our benefit now and in the future.
Yours Faithfully
"Vincent John Cole."

Milford Haven: Central

Western Telegraph:

Tony Miles

Conservative candidate for Milford Haven: Central

“Me and my family moved to Pembrokeshire 40 years ago, to run a Post Office and general store in Amroth.

Together with my wife Sandra, I have two adult sons, both educated in the county.

I was elected onto Milford Town Council in 1999, and was mayor in 2007.

During that time I raised funds for Cancer Research and the Torch Theatre, and served as treasurer for SWAT (Save Withybush Action Team) for seven years.

I’m delighted to have been selected to fight Milford Central.

If elected I will be campaigning to ensure the elderly and vulnerable are looked after, and not be in fear of their care homes and day centres threatened with closure.”

Milford Haven has undergone a steady decline in recent years and I will fight to improve leisure and cultural services as well as helping bring more opportunities to our town.

I am proud to have served Milford for 18 years and believe working closely with Stephen Crabb MP and Paul Davies Am will help bring about much-needed change in our county.”

Western Telegraph:

Charles Davies

Welsh Labour candidate for Milford Haven: Central

“I hope to be your Labour representative for Milford Central. I have become disenchanted with the performance and record of our “independent” county council and its tired and blinkered governance. I aim to bring fresh ideas, conviction and honesty to a council desperately in need of a shakeup.

“I’m 29 years old and have lived in Pembrokeshire all my life. I was educated here and lucky enough to get onto a great apprenticeship scheme. Now I work as a process operator in Pembroke refinery. I believe my sense of fairness, honesty and inquisitiveness will be invaluable to becoming an effective councillor.

“Milford Central is a major town in Pembrokeshire and home to one of the best natural harbours in the world. The regeneration of the town centre and the Milford Haven Port Authority’s Master Plan are keystones in the prosperity of Pembrokeshire as a whole. I will work to make sure that the people of Milford gain the maximum benefit from these projects.

“Don’t let the council descend into chaotic “independent” rule again. The “independent” council has not delivered the goods for Pembrokeshire. Vote for me and I will be working as part of a Labour group with clear values, openness and transparency at its core.”

Western Telegraph:

Lynne Turner

Independent candidate for Milford Haven: Central

"I have had a business in Milford Haven for the past 28 years and have constantly fought to promote the town in a positive and proactive manner.

"For 2 years I served as the Chair of the Business Circle, representing the business community at both town and county council levels. I have been a trustee of Milford Youth Matters for 2 years, both raising funds and working when requested with the young people.

"I am currently an active member of the Town Regeneration Team, and working on an exhibition named 'Made in Milford' to promote the talented craftspeople of the town.
"My biggest priority is to be accessible to all the electorate of my ward. I have secured premises in which to hold regular surgeries, in order to understand their needs as well as to hear their complaints. 
"I am standing as an Independent candidate, believing that at grass roots level, party politics should not be a deciding factor. It's far more important to me to have the best interests of the locals and locality at the heart of each and every consideration. No groups, no party politics and no jumping ship."

Western Telegraph:

Stephen Joseph

Unaffiliated candidate for Milford Haven: Central

"There's no way, in just 200 words that I can tell you all that I have done and explain the decisions I have made over the last 5 years.

"I will therefore be opening my home (105 Charles Street) on Sunday 23rd and 30th from 2-6pm and inviting anyone living in Milford Central to come and have a cup of tea and talk to me about anything you'd like to know more about during my time representing you. 

"For those who can't get out, I will be knocking every door in the ward this week to come talk to you and to hear your concerns and priorities for the next 4 years."

Milford Haven: East

No contest. Guy Woodham (Welsh Labour) elected.

Milford Haven: Hakin

Western Telegraph:

Jon Thrower

Labour Party candidate for Milford: Hakin

"I would like to introduce myself to you as your Labour Party candidate for Hakin, in the upcoming County Council elections. Raised in Glebelands and educated in Hakin CP and Milford Haven Comprehensive schools, I resisted the temptation to move away, staying in Pembrokeshire to make my career here and serve the community that raised me. At almost thirty, I have led a team of staff for a local retailer, and then following a change in priorities began studying for a degree while also working vulnerable adults in the care sector.

"Our community has been let down by the County Council and something needs to change. I believe I have the broad experience, know-how and vision to bring about that change. If elected, I am committed to being a councillor who truly works for Hakin and who is always available to listen to what you have to say. I am passionate about tackling big issues such as smashing the stigma surrounding mental health and raising standards in all of our schools. I will fight for local housing and jobs, while also seeking funding to fix our broken roads, improve our infrastructure and initiate community projects that will benefit all residents of Hakin."

Western Telegraph:

David Warrell

Independent candidate for Milford Haven: Hakin

"Brought up in Hakin, resident in Hakin with my wife Christine – we have raised 5 sons.

"Concerned about Hakin, Milford Haven and Pembrokeshire!

"The responsible role of County Councillor demands that the candidate has life skills, experience and passion to identify with the needs of the individual and yet give considered input into the decision processes that have strategic implications for our County.

"I believe that my faith, character, ability, experience and passion equip me well to serve as County Councillor for Hakin Ward.

"I am aware of the concerns that affect individuals, families and the business community. In terms of services it is essential that all individuals are treated with fairness. It is also essential that our infrastructure from parking to pavements and roads to housing stock are fit for purpose.

"As an employer I have concerns regarding the economy of the County and the desperate need we have for inward investment to provide sustainable employment and opportunity. 

"Should I be chosen to represent Hakin I would work towards continuous improvement for our Ward, Town and County. Please be assured that your just concerns will also be mine. I would give all of my best. 

"Thank you."

Western Telegraph:

Mike Stoddart

Totally independent candidate for Milford Haven: Hakin

"During my time as the representative of the people of Hakin I have been part of a small team of dedicated local residents who have been fighting to keep open the Memorial Hall and community centre on Hubberston Green.

"We have formed a trust that is shortly due to take over the management of the hall from PCC.

"Contributed to the bid that has secured a £300,000 grant to improve footpaths and enhance road safety in the Hakin/Hubberston area.

"Member of the working group charged with deciding how the additional funds arising from the Welsh Government imposed rent rises should be spent.

"Part will be used to build new social housing and I have argued consistently that a proportion should be allocated to improved parking and other environmental improvements.on council estates.

"In the hurly-burly of an election campaign, when local issues tend to dominate, it is easy to overlook the fact that 70% of the council's £204 million revenue budget is spent on education (£85 million) and social services (£60 million) - both county-wide functions.

"It falls to those elected on May 4 to see that these resources are deployed in a way that provides maximum benefit for the people of Pembrokeshire. 

"I have been an active participant in debates on policies covering these two crucially important areas which affect the life chances of the county's children and the care of the most vulnerable in our society.

"While austerity-inspired budget cuts are a fact of life, I have advocated that the burden shouldn't fall on the shoulders of those least able to bear it.

"As a member of the group charged with drafting the council's new constitution, I have always campaigned for greater openness and accountability. 

"If, as seems likely, this election sees the end of the IPPG's domination of the council, those who are elected on May 4 will have the opportunity to reshape the authority's democratic structures towards a system where decisions are made after careful examination of the issues rather than being forced through on the ruling group's block vote.

"It is my belief that I have the knowledge and experience to play a constructive role in bringing about these long overdue changes for which I have campaigned over the past twenty years, both as a journalist at the Mercury and, more recently, as county councillor for Hakin."

Western Telegraph:

William Dean Elliott

Independant Candidate for Milford - Hakin.

"I am standing for County Council elections as I want to promote change and support the voice of those in Hakin to be listed too.

"I have previously served 5 years on the Milford Haven Town Council and will continue for another 5 years, in representing Hakin at the Town Council level.  I believe, that a County Council candidate should be able to listen to grass roots, at a Town Council level, to be informed and have an open communication with them and then bringing the idea to the County Council level.  I am the only County Council candidate to be on the Milford Haven Town Council.

"There is change that needs to be promoted in the Hakin area, including infrastructure (roads and paths), education and welfare support to name but a few areas.  I will, if elected, be holding regular surgeries so that you can be listened to but also feel that I am approachable that a phone call, an email or even a visit is just a good, if you can’t make a surgery.

"I am qualified Primary School Teacher, current Mayor of Milford Haven, a Youth Group Leader within the town, on the Port Welfare Committee and sit on many groups, charities or committees in supporting the development of them for our local community.  If I am elected, I will continue to do this, and support other groups to help their development.  Having been lucky enough to be the Mayor for the last year, as shown me more than ever, how wonderful our community is and how so many voluntary groups already do a great job; and hopefully I have helped in a small way by supporting them in any way I can.

"A Vote for William Dean Elliott, is a vote for change."

Milford Haven: Hubberston

Western Telegraph:

Alun Byrne

Labour candidate for Milford Haven: Hubberston

"It has been both an honour and a privilege to represent you on Milford Haven Town Council. During that time I have made myself available to you at all times, helping a great number of you with your problems.

Being aware of the difficulties facing us and by listening to what you have had to say, I have been able to vigorously voice your concerns.

"Forming a good working relationship with local community groups, especially those based in Hubberston, has played a vital part in bringing extra funding to our Community. By continuing to work together we will be able to achieve much more.

"I was treasurer for the Save Hubberston Community Centre Committee and now am a trustee on the Hubberston and Hakin Community Centre. Working together we will keep it open. I represent Milford Town Council on One Voice Wales and on South Hook L.N.G liaison committee.

"I will continue to work for the benefit of all of the people and with all Councillors to gain improvements, never mind what their politics are. We must work together or lose out.

"Together as a community, both young and old, we need to build on the good work that is already going on locally, whilst ensuring that everyone has access to fair representation and quality services.

"I make no false promises - just a continued commitment to work hard on your behalf. I therefore respectfully ask for your support on polling day."

Western Telegraph:

Viv Stoddart

Indepedent candidate for Milford Haven: Hubberston

"It has been my privilege to represent the people of Hubberston as their county councillor for the last two terms.

My record serving the community:

  • Worked alongside local groups on the investment of £1 million lottery funding in Hubberston and Hakin over the next ten years
  • Successfully fought for over two years to keep open the highly-valued Memorial Hall and community centre on Hubberston Green. I am secretary and trustee of the charity set up to take over management of the centre from the county council.
  • Fought for improvements to Hubberston’s social housing estates.  I have campaigned against dog fouling and fly tipping.  Organised litter picks. Pressed for improved off-street parking. Helped to secure £300,000 investment in providing safe routes to the new £12 million primary school, including footpath upgrades and traffic calming measures.

My record at County Hall:

  • Fought to protect front line services and curb excessive County Hall pay and consultants’ fees.  Voted against the £100,000 appointment of a head of transformation
  • Voted against the £300,000 pay off to the former chief executive, and pressed for him to be brought before a disciplinary committee
  • Voted to cut the pay of cabinet councillors.  The money saved would have kept the Rath paddling pool open for years
  • Consistently argued for greater transparency and openness

If re-elected I will continue to promote the best interests of the people of Hubberston."

Western Telegraph:

Rose Gray

Independent candidate for Milford Haven: Hubberston

"My name is Rose Gray, I live in Gelliswick Road and my kids go to Hakin Community School.

"Three years ago I became a Town Councillor for our area but most problems that we have in Hubberston can’t be resolved by the Town Council, they have to go to the County Council. I have found this most frustrating and am therefore asking that you vote for me to become your County Councillor.

"I’m not on lots of committees, although I’ve been one of the Trustees involved from the beginning to save the Community Centre and am involved in the Invest Local Project. I would rather just try and get problems resolved - big or small.

"I feel like I am the same as you, a resident who hasn’t got room to store their black bin bags for a month and a mum with kids having to change to the new school. I would like the opportunity to speak up for ordinary people who are affected by the decisions councillors make.

"For me this election is about having a local person representing local people.

"I am asking you to vote for me and I promise to do my best for you."

Milford Haven: North

Western Telegraph:

Colin Sharp

Independent candidate for Milford Haven: North

"I strongly feel now is the time for Changes in Milford Haven. With cuts from central Government, it is more important now more than ever to work together and stand up for what we believe in. In getting the best services, in keeping our health service running, in improving our education, our welfare and our rights. I believe in representing and engaging with the community I serve.

I believe to know the community you need to be part of it. I am a Town Councillor, currently Deputy Mayor, a Governor at The Meads Infant School and at Milford Junior School, Chairman of Milford Museum, part of the Town Regeneration Team, a Trustee of the Pill Community Hall, a Unit Member for Milford Haven Sea Cadets & Royal Marine Cadets, Part of Milford’s Twinning and a member of Christmas Together Committee.

Representing Milford North as their County Councillor would be an honour and one which I would do my upmost to represent and serve the needs for this area."

Western Telegraph:

Stanley Hudson

Welsh Conservative Candidate for Milford Haven: North

"I was elected to serve as County Councillor for the Milford Haven North Ward in 2008 and four years later, the residents demonstrated confidence in my suitability for the role by re-electing me, in 2012.  Once again I am offering to serve the community as their county councillor and seeking support at the ballot box.

"My life has been spent in Milford Haven which has meant that I am familiar with the historical and commercial advancement and its townspeople.  Throughout my career I was employed by Pembrokeshire County Council and was promoted to the post of Deputy Head Teacher.  Consequently my greatest contribution to the council’s work has been in education, serving on committees and chairing a school Governing Body.

"My duty to the residents of my ward is seeking to address any causes of concern and working to resolve issues that have been brought to my attention.  I enjoy great satisfaction walking around the ward regularly, making myself approachable, inviting residents to discuss any problems with me."

Milford Haven: West

Western Telegraph:

Rhys Sinnett

Plaid Cymru - The Party of Wales Candidate for Milford West

"I have been fortunate enough to be elected to serve you as your county councillor for this part of Milford Haven since 2004. For someone like myself, who was born and brought up in the town, this has been a great honour and I have worked hard to ensure that your voice and your views are heard in County Hall.

"I am proud of my voting record at County Hall as in particular I:

  • Voted against the obscene and excessive payoff of over £300,000 to the Council’s previous Chief Executive, Bryn Parry Jones
  • Voted at every occasion to open up the inner workings of the council to greater scrutiny by members of the public
  • Voted to cut Cabinet members salaries so that savings could be put back into providing local services for those in need

"Alongside this, I have played an active part in work on committees at County Hall that have put pressure on the ruling Independent Group to raise school standards, to better protect children and young people in the county and to reject their plans to move leisure centres and libraries from council control

"The next term of the council will face some massive challenges in protecting services whilst making substantial financial savings imposed on us by the Labour government in Cardiff. With my experience, I am ready to fight Milford's corner in these battles be it to support our local schools, regenerate our town centre or making sure our streets are kept clean.

"If re-elected, I will continue to press the case for our town to receive the attention, funding and the respect it deserves in the County Council chamber. When first elected, I promised you that I would put Milford first and stand up for the needs of this ward and our town. With your support on May 4th, I will continue to do so."

Western Telegraph:

Yvonne Southwell

Welsh Labour candidate for Milford Haven: West

"I have lived in Milford Haven for 12 years and have long connections with the area. My family are from Dale and I have many relatives in Milford Haven.

"I have been a Town Councillor for 8 years and served as Mayor for 2013/14. During this time whilst being able to promote our wonderful Town, and also take a stand in the protest at the Hospital cuts in service.

"I also experienced first-hand the problems that can occur within our community. This has only enforced my ideals to serve and do whatever is possible to address the problems. 

"As current Chair of Hakin Community School, soon to be Gelliswick Church in Wales VC School, Mother and Grandmother, I appreciate the need for good schools and a sound education system for our children.

"I am aware of all needs for the Town, including social care, Nursery facilities and childcare, improved health facilities, care for the homeless and vulnerable and transport improvement. It is my aim to continue my work which started within the Town Council, hold monthly surgeries  and as your County Councillor   bring your concerns to County Hall and make a difference."


Western Telegraph:

Vic Dennis

Welsh Labour candidate for Narberth

"I was born in Tenby and attended the old primary school in Narberth. After working in construction in the UK and overseas, I came home to Pembrokeshire to raise my family with my wife Linnia.

"Over the last 27 years I worked for South Pembs District and Pembrokeshire Council. Retiring last December, I can now use my experience to stand to represent Narberth. As a UNISON branch secretary, I know how to represent staff against the previous Independent council and the previous Chief Executive.

"I know how the Council works, and if elected I can make a real difference for residents. I have always been proud to call Narberth my town and I am active in town life.

"The Queens Hall, carnivals, plant sales, food festivals and the rugby club all demonstrate that we punch well above our weight despite being let down by Pembrokeshire County Council. With your support on May 4th, I will be the strong, capable representative Narberth deserves. I’ll work with Labour councillors for better care for the elderly, to stop cuts to vital public services, support investment in good local housing and create an open and transparent council.

"Elect me and I will make sure Narberth gets its voice back in County Hall.

Western Telegraph:

Rayner Peett

Welsh Conservative candidate for Narberth

"I am 53 and live just outside Narberth with my wife in her family home. Many will remember my late mother-in-law driving her pony trap around the town giving rides at the carnival! 

"We are local business people who run a property search company, a B&B (using local produce) & a wedding planning business. Previously I worked for FBM in Narberth.

"If elected I will fight for local jobs & businesses, decent social care services, good safe education for our children, and housing-especially for the more vulnerable.

"I also believe the Council should be more democratic, transparent and open. Too many important decisions (like the future of the Old School) happen behind closed doors and are not open to local scrutiny.

"Narberth is a special place to live and work. It has been poorly served by the County Council run by independent councillors. A strong Conservative voice is needed to fight for a thriving future. Our High Street needs support and I would fight for rates relief for small businesses. I would also campaign to make the Old School a community amenity.

"It is my intention to represent everyone in Narberth, not just those who I might persuade to vote for me.

Western Telegraph:

Sue Rees

Independent candidate for Narberth

"Narberth is my home town and I will always do my best for the town and the community. I have extensive experience in dealing with bureaucracy, I am not afraid to speak my mind and have a reputation for getting things done.

"As a Narberth Town Councillor for eighteen years, I have tried to preserve Narberth’s local services.  I helped save Narberth Swimming Pool and Narberth Library from closure.  I support the ‘Give Us a Chance’ campaign, to allow the community of Narberth to decide the fate of the old CP School. I helped get safe crossings in High Street, which now need extending to link the car park. A footpath along Station Road to the Station is needed, completing the town council’s footpath scheme instigated in 2012.

"I understand local issues and will be able to voice them in County Hall. If elected County Councillor for Narberth, I will make sure the people of Narberth get a voice in County Hall and a fair share of the County’s budget. I am totally independent and will never be answerable to any political party. 

"I hope I am given the opportunity to make sure Narberth stays the best town in Pembrokeshire."

Narberth Rural

No contest. Elwyn Morse (independent) elected.


No contest. Paul Harries (no description given) elected.

Neyland East

Western Telegraph:

Aelwen Lee

Plaid Cymru candidate for Neyland East

"I am so pleased to be standing in the Neyland East area for Plaid Cymru in the upcoming county council election.

"I am a Pembrokeshire girl, and lived here my whole life, the last 17 years along the Haven area.

"My background is working within the healthcare sector also for the last 17 years, the majority of this in the community. I have seen the hardships people have in regards to daily living.

"For that reason alone, my decision to stand wasn't a difficult one. Over the last few years we have all seen and been disgusted by what has gone on within the county council and now is the time for change!

"As a mother I want my daughter to grow up in an area she is proud to be part of. Neyland is a wonderful place to live, and I want to make sure that residents are not just listened to, but heard. I will be honest and open with you, if I don’t know the answer to a question I will tell you this, but I will find out and get back to you.

"I believe it is time to bring back logic and common sense to the council and look to the future."

Neyland West

Western Telegraph:

Paul Miller
Labour Candidate for Neyland: West

 “It has been an honour to serve the people of Neyland West as their councillor for the last term and I have been proud to lead the opposition to the ruling ‘Independent’ political group from the start. Whether it has been through forcing an investigation into the previous Chief Executive, driving through improvements in the services for our elderly residents or fighting for an open and transparent council– it’s been heartening to feel I have been able to make a difference to local people, the services they rely on and our local democracy.

“Looking forward to the next term (should the people of Neyland West put their trust and faith in me again) I look forward to the opening of the new Neyland Community Hub for which we have secured more than £1.3m in funding over the last five years, to the introduction of further improvements to our social care service – including a living wage for Pembrokeshire’s hard working carers and to a County Council that finally works first and foremost for the people.

“To the residents of Neyland West I promise to keep doing for you what I’ve been doing – making sure that your voice is heard loud and clear in County Hall, that the facilities in our town continue improving and that you have an open, honest and accountable representative whose only interest is in ensuring the brightest possible future for Pembrokeshire.”

Western Telegraph:

Brian Rothero

Independent candidate for Neyland: West

"I have lived and worked in Neyland for the past 25 years. I now run my own business in the centre of town and work hard to promote our community in a positive way.

"Following my campaign trail over the last week, I get the feeling that this area is the ‘Forgotten West’. There have been a lot of complaints and issues that have not been addressed over the last 4 years.

"My campaign is based on reality and what people really need; traffic control, speed restrictions, more housing for locals, more say on who is moved into Neyland by the Local Authority, more activities that involve the young, more green space for future generations and more support and investment for the forgotten areas.

"I hope that the constituents of Neyland West have faith to appoint me as their County Councillor. I will not try to promise what I cannot deliver nor try to achieve the impossible. I will always try to be helpful and responsive. 

"I will not be a silent Councillor, nor will I be someone who wants fame and glory and to use these elections as a stepping stone for a political career. Simply, I live in Neyland and have watched progress pass us by. We deserve better."

Pembroke Dock: Central

Western Telegraph:

Paul Dowson

Independent candidate for Pembroke Dock: Central

"I am Paul Dowson. A local businessman. I was born and bred in Pembroke Dock and have lived in the town for all of my 50 years.

"I am not a politician and I have no affiliations with any political party. My primary aim is to return the town I love to its former glory. I believe that. I maybe the only true local in the contest for this seat.

"I feel that I am the best person for this seat as I truly do have a bond to my town. I feel that as a true independent I do not have to split my loyalties between my cause and my aims and my political party. 

"I do believe that the town is in the state it is in now due to mismanagement by local government and past councillors who were more interested in their own agendas or those of the party. The town has been slowly reduced to a derelict looking ghost town with no commercial centre at all. Betting shops with groups of people stood outside smoking and spitting on the pavements, and charity shops as far as the eye can see.

"The town has been closed off by profit generating pay and display car parks and residents only parking in nearly every street. It is a disgrace. 

"I am different to those that went before me. I have some real fight in me and won't send the traditional angry email stating how angry I am - that gets you nowhere and is lazy. I will conduct my business at face to face level and I will act upon my promises to the voters.

"I am controversial and I am one who actually takes real action to achieve a result. The town has never had one of these types of councillors and  its about time they did before Pembroke dock is beyond repair.

"It will take someone like me to make a difference."

Western Telegraph:

Maureen Bowen

Welsh Labour candidate for Pembroke Dock: Central

“Born in Wales, daughter of a Welsh Miner, and like my father, a strong trade unionist and Labour supporter, as my father would say “ It is only Labour that cares about ordinary people”  and that sentiment is still true today. I have been active in politics and the trade union movement for many years, I have held elected positions in both.
Labour District Councillor for 14 years
•    Health Scrutiny Committee
•    Planning Committee
•    Housing Committee
•    Public Appeals Committee
•    Trustee Citizen Advice bureau
•    School Governor
•    Trustee of a community based charity
Trade Union USDAW,
•    Shop Steward
•    Health and safety Rep
•    Branch Secretary
•    Divisional Councillor
•    Executive Committee member.
Having now returned home to Wales, both my children were born in Pembroke Dock Hospital, I would be honoured, if elected, to be able to use my knowledge of local Government for the benefit of the residents of Pembroke Dock Central.
My pledges to you:
•    A Living Wage for carers
•    Recruiting the best teachers to our schools through the Critical Skills programme.
•    Delivering real regeneration in our town centre using some of £5m a year of capital funding made available every year to 2021.
•    Reducing the cost of bridge tickets on the Cleddau Bridge to 20p per crossing starting in 2018.
•    Never again sanctioning huge payoffs for wrongdoing or incompetence.
•    Attract industry to the area that gives  employment that pays a ‘Real Living Wage’.”

Western Telegraph:

Philip Gwyther

Independent candidate Pembroke Dock: Central

“I have lived all my life in the town; my father lived here all his life and worked in the Dockyard and my grandfather lived all his life here, running a coal business. So I can truly say Pembroke Dock is in my blood.

About me:

20 years an active Town Councillor serving on various committees.

10 years a Trustee of the Pater Community Hall.

Representative on Citizen’s Advice Bureau previously.

15 years a Scout Leader in my younger days.

Many Years on Scout Group committee.

Nearly 30 years coaching the local Junior Badminton Club.

I currently spend many hours each week doing voluntary work in Pembroke Dock and have done so for most of my life.

The shopping centre is the heart of Pembroke Dock and has lacked the investment it deserves from County Council.  New pavements and roads are long overdue.

Sport and activities for youngsters are important.  County Council’s policies have seen play areas in the town decimated.  This has to change.

Bridge tolls reduced - unfair to Pembroke Dock people who use it the most.

The Council must become more open and transparent.

Councillors must vote with integrity not because they have been told to vote a certain way.

Better scrutiny by councillors on spending – not rubber stamping officer’s decisions.

Above all a councillor must listen to the people in the ward and represent their views, not the views of any local or national political group. 

I ask for your vote on May 4.  It’s time for change!”

Western Telegraph:

George Manning

Independent candidate for Pembroke Dock: Central

"Pembrokeshire has for too long suffered as a result of poor decisions and waste of public monies with regards to education, Health, Social Care, Housing, Regeneration Grants, Pay offs, Private Consultants, the list is endless. No one is responsible are they!!!

"Further cuts to public services, increase to council rates of 5%. We are told it is all down to government cut to public services, in some respect is partly true, however. The Independent Plus Group cannot escape the fact that they, over the years in office have contributed hugely to waste of Public Monies, which will no doubt continue if returned to office.

"We have all seen the decline in businesses in our Town Centre's. Fringe developments occupied by National stores, together with a lack of forethought  with Planning policies and investment have contributed to this decline, together with parking charges and restrictions, which deters shoppers and traders alike, as is the case with Pembroke Dock, which I have witnessed since moving here in 2002.

"Individual traders and the public have for too long been ignored, change is possible, if I am fortunate, to be elected on May 4th I trust with the support of like minded councillors it will be possible to influence for the better the way you THE PUBLIC are served, in a fair and transparent manner than that which has existed far to long.

"Vote George Manning 4th May Central Ward, Pembroke Dock."

Pembroke Dock: Llanion

Western Telegraph:

Josh Beynon

Welsh Labour candidate for Pembroke Dock: Llanion

"I want to bring a healthy, new perspective to Pembrokeshire County Council come May. My youth facilitates an enthusiasm and energy for getting the job done that I would channel in fighting for you.

I intend to do this for all while battling for a fair, open Pembrokeshire.

After leaving Sixth form I took a year out of Education where I worked as a Carer in both the community and a residential home. It was from this first-hand experience that I realised there were pressures placed upon the social care industry in our county, issues which I would hope to address.

"During this period, I kept up my positions both as a volunteer for St John's Ambulance and an active member of Pembrokeshire Youth Council, who are a body of students from across our schools that voice the views of younger generations. After leaving this post I began my further education at Swansea University where I am currently studying an Economics degree.

"I have lived in Pembroke Dock all my life and have grown to love the area in which we live. I want to give back to this community, a community that I have been educated in, a community that has shown me warmth and a community I am proud to be a part of. On Thursday 4th May we are given an opportunity to implement change by the cast of a vote. Given your vote, we can, and we will, make a difference.”

Western Telegraph:

William Rees

Candidate for Pembroke Dock: Llanion

"I retired several years ago after 25 years as headteacher of Monkton Priory School. I was the youngest chairman of South Pembrokeshire District Council 20 years ago.

"My time as a councillor bears no relationship to what I see happening now. I worked with a group of honest, hardworking councillors across the political spectrum attempting to be fair to South Pembrokeshire as whole while vigorously promoting Pembroke Dock.

"I have come back to this contest this election because I am disgusted with the culture that has developed at County Hall.

"The democratic ability of opposition councillors to oppose is undermined. (Consider opposition councillors being accused of pre-determination).

"The direction given by 70% of those surveyed regarding 6th form education in Haverfordwest was considered initially as an inconvenience.

"What has happened to the time when individual councillors stood up to promote the interests and  opinions of those who had elected them? Not just put their hand up when the group leader told them?

"The printed criticisms that have been published by Estyn (education), the care Standards Inspectorate and the Wales Audit Office are a catalogue of shame for this council.

"We used to be called the Premier County until this lot got hold of us."

Western Telegraph:

Peter Kraus

Independent candidate for Pembroke Dock: Llanion

"My name is Peter Kraus.  Independent Llanion.
I have lived in Llanion Pembroke Dock for 17 years,
I am a Town Councillor and been Mayor twice, also part of the Town Regeneration Team.
"In the past 3 years I have been involved in Redeveloping the Boatyard in Front Street to make it somewhere where Tourists can come along and see for themselves how much History that we have had here for over 200 years.
"I thought the Town was looking a little neglected so with a Team of Volunteers we painted all the Railings in Front Street, Western Way Car Park and Hobbs Point
"I feel very strongly towards the lack of Services for all ages.
The Biggest Issue we have is the Closure of Shops and how it can be reversed.
"I have been with the SWAT at Withybush Hospital for the last 10 years trying to stop the downgrading of Vital Services, The main ones being the loss of the SCBU and the Children’s Ward reduction in Hours.
Pembroke Dock needs someone who is passionate in what they do and believes in getting things done

I will give you my 100%. Please Vote for me on 4TH May."

Pembroke Dock: Market

Western Telegraph:

Hayley Wood

Independent candidate for Pembroke Dock: Market

"I have lived in Pembrokeshire for thirty years and have raised my children here.  My working career has certainly been a full one, where I have worked for both the Statutory and Voluntary Sector.  Through my work in Education, followed by Youth Work and recently supporting Older People, is where I have encountered many issues facing people in the community.  As an Advocate I have the ability to listen to what people want to happen and find ways of supporting them to make informed choices, as well as ensuring they are involved in the decision making that affects their lives.   Alongside this, I advocate that all individuals have a right to be heard and their views should be respected.  I am a committed socialist who believes in equality, fairness and democracy.

"I will campaign for transparency, openness and accountability within the Council.  It is important that all residents of Pembrokeshire are honestly informed and involved in the decisions their representatives are making.  The current coordination of consultations is tokenistic and this poor method of communication leaves us feeling that decisions have already been made without our input.  

"The Council is facing £43m in cuts, which will indeed impede on vital services that are needed as well putting frontline staff under pressure.  As these services reconfigure to absorb funding cuts and deal with complex needs, I will ensure that your voice and your experiences are placed at the heart of designing services that meet your needs and not necessarily the needs of the service provider. Your participation on these forthcoming issues is important to me.

"The reputation of the longstanding council leadership has been described as being ‘shambolic, unbeatable and farcical’.  A covert culture equating to unethical practices, poor conduct and unconscious influences that have made us cringe.  If elected I will help to make sure this changes and help create a council that is seen as excellent by the people it serves. 

"Vote for a new leadership, which thinks flexibly to establish delivery frameworks that serve the needs of the local population!"

Pembroke Dock: Pennar

Western Telegraph:

Tony Wilcox

Welsh Labour candidate for Pembroke Dock: Pennar

"I, Tony Wilcox have been representing the good folk of Pennar and Bufferland for a number of years as both Town and County Councillor, this has been both an honour and privilege, and I hope with your support on 4th May to continue to do so. 

"I was born in Pennar(a third generation) and have lived all my life in our community and I can't foresee my moving now. Pennar/Bufferland is and always will be my priority, and I will do whatever it takes to enhance and protect what we have and deserve, more whenever possible. 

"It saddens me to see our once proud vibrant centre of town in its current state. 

"And I recognise the enormous challenges ahead in reversing the decline. For this reason I believe it is vital that I seem re-election onto the Town Council as that is where regeneration begins(my opponent in election has not sought this for whatever reason) and I would welcome any ideas regarding shop/businesses which you feel could make a living in our Town, given we are surrounded by large supermarkets. 

"One possibility may be the old woolworth store which has recently changed ownership and if re-elected I would seek dialogue with the new owners, as I feel it may be an opportunity for recreation use - for example perhaps a bowling alley/small cinema etc

"Returning to my re-election, I stand for a political party that, to be honest, is in a mess with infighting etc, however, one thing I would never contemplate is deserting my principles and to masquerade as a so-called "independent " simply in an attempt to deceive you - which is what my opponent appears to be doing as he recently stood as a UKIP Candidate. 

"Finally, I would be grateful for your support on 4th May. No doubt you will be told it is time for a change throughout this election, however, I much prefer the adage 'If it ain't broke don't fix it'

Pembroke: Monkton

Western Telegraph:

Christopher Doyle

Independent (un-affiliated) for Monkton

"After serving 22 years in the Royal Navy I settled with my partner Linda Brown in Monkton just before Christmas 2000.  Having initially worked in the IT Department of the ITV Digital call centre, and following its demise, I went on to work on various local construction sites, including the South Hook LNG terminal. I have also worked on the  Murco, Valero and Waterston sites.

"Monkton is a diverse community, and as with any area it has its ups and downs. I would be proud to represent its people in the challenging times ahead. Hopefully we can resolve some of the problems that blight our area. Dog fouling and fly tipping being two of the most obvious.

"There is a strong sense of community in Monkton that deserves to be recognised, nurtured and strongly represented at both Town and County Council level. Although it is not possible to make any specific promises, what I can promise is strong representation, dedication and hard work both in and on behalf of our community."

Pembroke: St Mary North

Western Telegraph:

Dai Boswell

Conservative candidate for Pembroke: St Mary North

"Hi all, I would like to introduce myself as your Conservative candidate for St Marys North Ward, Pembroke.

My name is Dai Boswell. I am 56 years of age and I have been on the local town council of Pembroke for the last six years for the above ward and I am honoured to say this coming May I will be elected Mayor of Pembroke if all goes well.

I take great pride in working in my ward and I like meeting and helping people.

If I am successful and become a county councillor, my aim is to try to get a new park built in the green, pot holes in the road filled, street lighting back on, more disposal bins and try to reduce the speed limit on Bush Hill. These are the things I will try and sort.

I am not frightened of a battle. I have previously campaigned for two years against the National Trust and the coastal path to place a memorial stone at Freshwater West for the landing craft disaster.

I am also vice chairman of the Royal British Legion for South Wales and I am also the President of the local branch.

So please help me to help you by voting for Dai Boswell."

Pembroke: St Mary South

Western Telegraph:

Aaron Carey

Welsh Conservative Candidate for Pembroke: St Mary South

I have lived in Pembroke my whole life, I was raised here, went to school here, work here, own a business here and am now raising my own children and sending them to school here.  This has made me very passionate about making Pembroke a great place to live.

I have been a member of Pembroke Town Council since 2010 and had the privilege to serve as Mayor from 2014-2015.  During my time serving I have always made an effort to do my best on behalf of the people of Pembroke.

This town needs someone in County hall who will take your concerns to the right people and get answers.  There needs to be major improvements to traffic management both in and around the town as well as better services for all of us, from better outside spaces for the young to better access to medical care in the town. I will fight for this and more if given the opportunity including making Pembroke a place where local people as well as visitors want to come.  I look forward to speaking to as many people as possible over the coming weeks and welcome any questions in between.

Western Telegraph:

Jacob Taylor

Independent candidate for Pembroke: St Mary South

"Since the local elections of 2012, the people of Pembrokeshire have looked on in dismay at the mismanagement and self-interest of the ruling group at County Hall.

"From the scandal of the ruling IPPG using taxpayer’s resources to maintain their grip on power, to the misappropriation of grant money in Pembroke Dock. Throw in a substandard education system with multiple schools in special measures, and the record of the current cabinet is clear.

"And who can forget Bryn Parry-Jones and the payout of a lifetime? Having been forced out after receiving unlawful pension payments, could any councillor truly say that they had the interests of their constituents at heart when voting to give nearly £300,000 of taxpayer’s money to Mr. Parry-Jones? I would very much like to hear the explanation from our incumbent councillor, as I cannot see how the hardworking, honest people of Pembroke St Mary South were served by their councillor’s vote that day.

"Such matters cut to the heart of why this council needs a clear-out. There is a whole raft of incumbent councillors that need to be replaced by high calibre, energetic candidates with integrity and vision.

"Which is why I am standing for election.

"I am asking for your vote, because I know that I will serve you, your family, our town and our county better than you have been served for the last four years.

"To find out more about me, and view a selection of my policy positions, head to 

Follow me at

Western Telegraph:

Daphne Bush

Independent candidate for Pembroke: St Mary South

"I am once again pleased to offer myself as your totally Independent candidate, for Pembroke St Mary South Ward. I promise to help you all  individually, no matter what your political persuasion, whenever asked.

"Many thanks for your support in 2012, I have been honoured to represent you and do hope to do so again to continue what I have built on over the last 5 years which includes :

  • Working with Town and County Council Councillors to build positively on the town of Pembroke, as working together to do this is key
  • Working with PCSOs  to deter anti- social behaviour. .
  • Safeguarding the Mill Pond & areas around the Castle. I am volunteering with Pembroke 21C Millponds Action Group on a Community Dog Watch initiative to deter dog fouling.
  • Preserving heritage as a member  Pembroke Town  Regeneration Team,Town Walls Trust, Chamber Of Trade  and  Pembroke & Monkton Local History Society.  In 2015 I started the Party In The Castle Family event in aid of the Pembroke Town Walls Trust, raising over £2000 so far. As well as supporting the town in their work for the Henry VII statue that will take pride of place on Pembroke’s’ South Quay.

"In my role as your Councillor for Pembroke I am a Governor of Golden Grove School & Pembroke School & I am Link Governor for Special Educational Needs at both schools.

"I am passionate about Pembroke & my wish is yours, to make Pembroke a more vibrant place now and for future generations. That work must never stop."   

Pembroke: St Michael

Western Telegraph:

Aden Brinn

Welsh Conservative Candidate for Pembroke: St Michael

"I am delighted to be standing as the Welsh Conservative  Candidate contesting the election on Thursday 4th May for Pembroke St Michael ward to Pembrokeshire County Council.

"I have been a Town Councillor representing  Pembroke St Michael ward on Pembroke Town Council for twenty  years and have had the honour and privilege  to be Mayor of the ancient and historic town of Pembroke on three separate occasions. I was your County Councillor also for the ward from 2007 to 2012.

"I am dedicated in serving the electorate of my ward, as a Conservative working with our MP Simon Hart and AM Angela Burns collectively in the interests of our great and proud county, economic regeneration and inward investment can be achieved. The independent group have not and cannot deliver what the Conservative Party can achieve.

"I ask the electorate of Pembroke St Michael ward for your  support to continue of the work I started in 2007, this can  be achieved with your support.  During the final weeks of the election campaign,  I hope  to meet many more people from the ward of Pembroke St Michael and to talk to them about their visions and aspirations for the future of Pembroke."


Western Telegraph:

Jon Preston

Plaid Cymru candidate for Penally

"It has been an honour and a privilege representing my home ward of the communities of Penally, Gumfreston and St. Mary out Liberty at County Hall over these last five years. Much has been achieved by working closely with the community councils and fully engaging with the people of our ward, but there is still work to do. With your support I hope I can continue to represent you as we face the new challenges in the next Pembrokeshire County Council administration.

"In standing for The Party of Wales, I will not shift from group to group as many elected members do to suit their own gains. I stand only in the interests of our communities. I have no financial or personal agenda to pursue in my seeking re-election.  I have proved to be a hands on effective Councillor, taking on difficult issues such as campaigning to prevent PCC building a refuse site next to The Brooklands Care Home and the alleged moves to change the use of Penally Army Camp.

"I will continue to ensure such matters are afforded thorough scrutiny and go only to serve the best interests of our communities.  Vote PRESTON on May 4th.

Western Telegraph:

Christine Toy

Welsh Conservative candidate for Penally

"All of my family come from the Tenby and Penally area so this is home for me. I attended Greenhill School, went on to attain a Law Degree at university and now work for my family insurance firm N D Toy & Partners. 

"Previously I worked as a specialist in Wills, as a veterinary assistant at Tenby Vets and as a Senior Caseworker for Simon Hart MP. This gave me a sound understanding of local issues and invaluable experience of resolving problems and dealing with different organisations, especially the Council. I have gained a reputation for being a 'doer' rather than a 'talker'. 

"Why am I standing?"  - Many people tell me they are frustrated that Pembrokeshire County Council has become a 'closed shop' and that an injection of new ideas and fresh faces is long overdue. Apart from offering something new and different I also want to be straight with voters as to where I stand politically, my values and objectives. 

"I firmly believe that after all these years we need some new faces in the council chamber, people like me who will challenge the status quo – if we are honest haven’t we all said this a few times over the last few years?  The Council spends over £200 million a year of our money so council members should not forget the people they represent once they are elected. I fear this does not always happen! 

"I want to play my part in robustly ensuring that the Council should offer better value for money, be more democratic, more open and transparent. I believe that local communities are vital to our way of life and are under threat from the closures of village schools, post offices, Day Centres and Health care provision. It is vital that we reverse this trend.

"If elected, my pledge is to improve the quality of Council Services in the ward and monitor County Hall expenditure, fight for better care for the elderly and vulnerable, better education facilities for our children and better health provision for all. 

"Above all, I will be a strong voice for our community. Vote TOY on 4th May."


Western Telegraph:

Ryan Dansie

Independent candidate for Rudbaxton

"The council's public image and reputation have never been lower than in the last 5 years. I believe a change of regime is crucial to restoring public trust in PCC and the tarnished reputation PCC has suffered over the last 5 years.

- I will work to restore transparency and public trust in the decision making processes of PCC
- I will never join the "independent plus" group currently governming County Hall
- I will promote community input and consultation in important decisions wherever possible
- I will strive to be well informed and carry out appropriate research on important decisions being taken
- I will participate meaningfully in debates and vote in the best interest of the Pembrokeshire council tax payer
- I will take advantage of current technology for fast, regular communication with the people I represent

"Like" my facebook page for regular updates and more information about me and what I stand for.



Western Telegraph:

Owen James

Independent candidate for Scleddau

- Experienced

- Analytical

- Strategic thinker

- Knowledgeable

- Confident

- Approachable

Western Telegraph:

Samuel Kurtz

Welsh Conservative Candidate for Scleddau

"It is an honour to stand as a Conservative candidate in my home ward of Scleddau. Pembrokeshire born and bred and a Welsh speaker, I was educated at Goodwick CP School and Ysgol Bro Gwaun, Fishguard before reading politics at UWE Bristol. I then returned home to work as a reporter for The Pembrokeshire Herald before joining the Western Telegraph. I now work for our local MP, Stephen Crabb in the constituency office as a Senior Communications Officer. I am an active member of Fishguard Young Farmers' Club, and a keen sportsman. 

"Pembrokeshire deserves a council to be proud of, and if elected, I will work to restore transparency, openness and accountability to the council. I will ensure that the education system in Pembrokeshire becomes first-class, becoming a leading example in Wales. I will make sure that the county has strong, reliable digital infrastructure, improving mobile phone signal and broadband speeds.

"The May 4 election is an opportunity for the people of Pembrokeshire to make their voices heard. If elected, I will work for every single resident in the Scleddau ward, representing your interests with honesty and determination. "


Western Telegraph:

Mark Carter

Welsh Conservative Candidate for Solva

"I was born in Essex and moved to Penycwm aged 9 in 1975 with my family attending Solva Primary and Ysgol Dewi Sant. I spent 5 years working for the district council before becoming self employed for the last 27 years , now heading the family business based in Newgale.

Together with my wife Samantha and 2 grown up children, we also run a residential caravan park and 5 long term affordable letting properties I am a Brawdy community council member and now feel the time is right to stand for County council with the backing of the Welsh Conservatives. I am very proud of the backing I have received from local people following nomination as candidate.

My key strength is my business experience and knowledge of budgeting. I also pride myself of spotting when something is wrong. I am not afraid to speak out.

We need to offer quality schools for our children, jobs and housing to allow young adults to remain in the area they grew up in and respect and support to the older generation. No councillor can turn the world around but they can get the best deal for the people they represent, making the voters voice heard in County Hall."

Western Telegraph:

Joshua Phillips

Welsh Labour candidate for Solva

''For the past 5 years, I have fought for the people and communities of the peninsula, against the steady erosion of services.

If elected on May 4th, I will continue to champion the unique and diverse communities of the peninsula and stand up for the people and places I dearly love. Over the last 5 years, I have consistently called out wrongdoings and dubious decision making at County Hall, and I want you to help me make a change. We need a fresh voice in County Hall, and one that is willing to make difficult decisions and fight for the people they represent''.

"In my role as a community councillor, I have been privileged to work alongside many key stakeholders and individuals to find solutions to issues such as flooding, education and, more recently, the provision of social care.

"The next 5 years are going to be a challenge for the communities of the peninsula, with a wide variety of issues including the provision of education, local government reform and the Newgale coastal adaptation scheme. If elected, I will be a strong voice for the people of our peninsula and I will fight to protect our communities''.

Western Telegraph:

Janie Harwood 

Wales Green Party candidate for Solva

"Born and bred in Pembrokeshire; I grew up and spent my childhood on the coast of St Brides Bay, as did generations of my family before me.

"I love my home County. I want to protect the environment and communities which mean so much to me. Beautiful unspoiled landscapes, traditional crafts, rural activities, small local businesses, a great community spirit and encouraging tourism. I value this in our community.

"I lived and worked abroad in Scandinavia & Spain which has given me great insight into how local governance can support & enhance local areas.

"I currently work as a sports coach. Previously, I’ve worked as a youth worker for PCC and at the Torch theatre teaching in the youth drama department. I also managed an organic small holding in Druidstone.

"I was a parent-governor while my 4 children attended Ysgol Dewi Sant, where they received excellent educations; which I want to ensure for all local children, by retaining our rural schools.
"The Green Party’s combination of environmental protection & progressive social policies are designed to better everyday living in communities just like ours.

"I am a single parent with an invisible disability. I understand problems faced by many and the importance of excellent local services within our unique and beautiful landscape. An introduction of modern ideas with new perspectives is needed in our County Council. 

Keeping Solva/ Brawdy, clean & green

Supporting our community:

* Fairness & equality in the county.

* Better access to health services.

* Retention of our community schools.
* Innovative Green solutions to the increasing effects of climate change.

* The Newgale road 'improved not removed'!! - all our roads accessible & in good repair. 

* Improved public transport to our rural community.
* A new Green perspective in the council. 

 These are the things I will be standing for on your behalf as a Pembrokeshire County Councillor.

St Davids

Western Telegraph:

David Lloyd

Independent candidate for St Davids


  • To listen to your concerns, to help with your problems and to promote your interests.
  • To remain independent of any political party or Group in order to fight for you without fear or favour.
  • To work with the City Council and to represent its interests in County Hall.
  • To continue the fight to create a new swimming pool in St. Davids.
  • To work to create a skateboard park and general play area for teenagers.
  • To promote initiatives to protect the welfare of our more vulnerable citizens.
  • To campaign to bring the Urdd Eisteddfod to St. Davids for the first time in 2021.
  • To continue to work on the long-standing project to create up to 60 units of affordable housing for local people.
  • To continue to work towards the creation of a Flagship Heritage Centre to promote the regeneration of the county town and the history of Pembrokeshire.
  • To establish Ysgol Dewi Sant as one of the leading schools in Wales.
  • To develop the anti-bullying initiative and the staff development programme at Ysgol Dewi Sant that I have initiated.
  • To establish a whole county approach to the delivery of post-16 education to provide excellence and equity for all learners.

Western Telegraph:

Alan York

Welsh Labour candidate for St Davids

"I am a retired teacher and my wife and I have lived in St Davids for over 14 years. We both grew up in villages and treasure the community life of St Davids.

  • I have much past experience in local government, as councillor and cabinet member.
  • Our young adults need new housing in St Davids: the Glasfryn Road project is a marvellous example of a local initiative, needing strong support from all of us over coming years.
  • Glasfryn Road widening is a boon, but it would not have happened without our Welsh Labour Government. The County needs to work more closely with Cardiff to give us a better future.


  • The development of 3-16 years education in St Davids is welcome, BUT we must ensure that the coming September closure of our secondary school is, indeed, only temporary. I will hold the County Council to account on any suggestion that the school be closed permanently.
  • The huge disruption of education caused by the coming closure COULD have been avoided by better planning. The County Council has proved itself incompetent, and has lost the trust of St Davids.

"VOTE for me and we will fight for our school and to ensure that Pembrokeshire Council serves the people of this city better."

St Dogmaels

Western Telegraph:

Howard Balmer

Welsh Labour candidate for St Dogmaels.

"Pembrokeshire County Council is in need of change. The Independent Plus group that holds sway in County Hall does not have the capacity to cope with today’s challenges.

"We currently face serious local difficulties regarding employment, housing, education, health and social care, transport, broadband and energy. We continue to struggle with Tory cuts to public services and now face all the uncertainty surrounding Brexit.

"This is a time for bright ideas and strong ideals if we are to navigate through stormy waters whilst keeping our economy and our communities afloat.

"I believe that the expertise and goodwill necessary to overcome many challenges already exists within our communities. It is essential that our elected representatives learn to engage better with residents in order to identify local solutions and to improve upon council practice.

"I have considerable experience of working on council and government projects looking at issues of community resilience and sustainability and am keen to utilise this knowledge.

"I am extremely proud to be standing for Labour in St. Dogmaels ward.

"If elected, I will fight on behalf of local residents and to ensure that local public services are delivered in an efficient, fair, honest and transparent way."

St Ishmaels

No contest. Reg Owens (independent) elected.

Tenby North

Western Telegraph:

Michael Williams 

Plaid Cymru candidate for Tenby North.

"As we now look towards the polls in May, the Pembrokeshire electorate should be in no doubt regarding the implications of returning pseudo Independent councillors to County Hall. The "Independent" group has dictated our direction over the past five years with no manifesto of any kind, and this has resulted in Pembrokeshire council becoming the laughing stock of Wales. To trust them with your vote is tantamount to signing a blank cheque on the counties finances.

Their management has resulted in the majority of our schools failing, which resulted in the Welsh Government having to appoint an  advisory board, led by a High Court Judge to sort out a failing education service. The questionable payment of grant monies, currently being investigated by Dyfed Powys Police, with the report of the Crown Prosecution service promised by the end of last February!  Further, following an investigation by the Wales Audit Office, serious questions were raised about the dubious circumstances when they agreed to pay the paying off of a previous Chief Executive in the sum of £330k. Despite this catalogue of failure, and many others, they believe that they warrant an increase in their cabinet salaries at a total cost of £30k per year, At the same time they are willing to sacrifice the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme which has been of such huge benefit to countless young people in our county and currently costs Pembrokeshire £30k. I wonder which offers best value? All this plus the highest Council tax increase in Wales of 5%, promised year on year.

This must be time for radical change. Plaid Cymru would deliver this."

  • Michael Williams provided his statement prior to the closing date for nomination. He was subequently unchallenged at the ballot box and has been re-elected.

Tenby South

No contest. Mike Evans (independent) elected.

The Havens

Western Telegraph:

Gordon William Smith

Welsh Conservative candidate for The Havens

"I have lived in Pembrokeshire for over 45 years and in The Havens for more than 20 years. During that time I have seen Wales’s Premier County steadily decline from the fiasco of Dyfed and on into the present setup where accountability and ownership appear to be completely absent from the Independent vocabulary.

"The EU referendum result was a wakeup call to every voter in Wales that the system has to work for all of us and not just the very few who benefit from the patronage system organised from Haverfordwest.

"Our County Council plays a hugely important role in shaping many of the vital services in our community but it has to be much more accountable to the electorate.

"Should I be elected to represent The Havens I commit to ensuring that the Council, its elected members and officers:-

Deliver value for money.

Are held accountable

Support local business

Protect the environment

Support the vulnerable including the youngest and oldest members of our community

Safeguard the welfare and medical services for those in need.

Prioritise the support of our war veterans."


Western Telegraph:

Isabelle Solomon

Independent candidate for Wiston

I am Isabelle Solomon, standing as independent for the Wiston ward of Pembrokeshire. I live on our family run beef farm, with my 3 year old daughter and husband.

"My career background is in retail management. I obtained a BA honours in Business and Sociology and a post graduate degree in Law at university.

"I am standing as an independent because I believe we should not have political restraints placed upon us. I want to be a strong representative voice for my area and Pembrokeshire. I want to push for improvement in services schools offer to both children and parents, and help to safe guard our social services against the funding cuts we are facing across Pembrokeshire.

"There are many issues to be faced over the following years, and I hope to represent the people's voices in my area."

Western Telegraph:

David Howlett

Welsh Conservative candidate for Wiston

“It has been a privilege to serve as the County Councillor for the Wiston ward for the last two terms. It is a fantastic area with tremendous community spirit, and many bodies and organisations that I have been pleased to work with.

Over my time as County Councillor, transparency has featured as a recurring theme for me. I have been pleased to drive through changes that have helped to shine a much needed light of transparency on the workings of the County Council. Through my proposal, we can now see online all Council spending over £500. In addition, I played a big part in the introduction of web-casting of Council meetings.

Transparency is also one of the reasons I stand as a Welsh Conservative candidate. By standing as a Welsh Conservative candidate I am being transparent and honest in my political views, not trying to fool anyone by standing under the term ‘independent’ and promptly joining a group of fellow ‘independents’.

I believe you always get more done as a team, and with hopefully more Conservative Councillors, backed by our county MPs and AMs we can bring about much needed change to County Hall.”