THE Conservative group has pledged to support David Simpson to replace Jamie Adams as leader of Pembrokeshire County Council.

All members met in Haverfordwest this morning, and decided by an overwhelming majority to support Cllr Simpson for the upcoming leadership vote, which will take place on May 25.

A spokesman said: "The support for Cllr Simpson, should he be elected, will however be met with very careful scrutiny revolving around policies on an issue by issue basis."

This brings the total number in support of Cllr Simpson to 26.

This includes the Labour Group, Plaid Cymru Group, both of whom made public their support last week, but does not include unaffiliated members.

There are currently 11 unaffiliated members who were not part of the previous ruling Independendent Plus Political Group (IPPG) led by Cllr Adams.

With 60 seats at County Hall, a majority of 31 would be needed to secure the position.