THE Independent Plus Political Group has seen its majority slashed as the make-up of councillor groups is revealed.

Pembrokeshire County Council has updated its list of new and re-elected councillors and their political parties with only 13 members now in the IPPG – a loss of 20 councillors overall.

The IPPG includes longstanding members Cllrs Jamie Adams, John Davies, Huw George and David Pugh with just one new member joining the group, Hundleton’s Margot Bateman.

Cllr Bateman replaced IPPG stalwart John Allen-Mirehouse who stood down before the election.

As well as those knocked out in the election, such as Keith Lewis and Rob Lewis, the IPPG appears to have lost Cllrs Simon Hancock, Michael John, Pearl Llewellyn and Paul Harries, current vice-chairman of the council.

This now means there are currently 21 councillors considered unaffiliated with any political party.

The vote for leader of the council will be held on May 25 with unaffiliated Lampeter Velfrey councillor David Simpson standing against former leader Cllr Adams.

This is also when the full political make-up will become clear.