WHILE Pembrokeshire’s Preseli mountains have a long history of myths and legends, some spine-chilling, and some extraordinary, a walker encountered a strange experience bound to go down in folklore.

The mountains, sometimes called hills, have many fantastical tales associated with them, from the alleged grave of King Arthur, through to the spot the mythical boar from the Mabinogion Twrch Trwyth slew several of his knights and turned them into stone, and magical associations with Merlin.

However, walker Nicholas Pentecost had an encounter of a different kind, with a ‘feral’ man, apparently enjoying the mountain air without the burden of clothing.

Speaking on Sunday, he said: “I had the weirdest experience walking in the Preseli mountains yesterday which I thought I'd share. I regularly go for walks in the hills but yesterday was a walk I'll not forget in a hurry!

“As I reached the summit of Carn Goedog, I noticed in the distance this outline of a sort of feral looking man walking around completely naked. I managed to take a few photos (you do have to zoom in but it's pretty unmistakable), but then I think he noticed me but I'm not sure because he was looking at the ground it seemed kind of slightly hunched.

“I couldn't hear if he was trying to talk to me or if he was just making sounds it was difficult to hear with the wind but I didn't stick around to find out and legged it back to the car.

“I looked back and he hadn't followed me. It was a very weird experience and if I didn't have the photos I wouldn't quite believe it. Has anyone else reported seeing this feral man?”