Dear editor - I was disappointed at the Martello Quays Developments exhibition.

I was looking forward to seeing plans for the Marina, but the only moorings would be exclusive to the property owners.

These properties would extend into the sea towards the dockyard wall and then return back to the water like a horseshoe.

They will do away with the slipways alongside the Martello Tower, which hold a historic interest, having been used to launch the Sunderlands, and have been used by fishermen for years.

If someone manages to get their boat into this quay, Mr Williams told me they would have to pay a fee to access the Haven.

I was hoping a marina would attract visitors and free access to the Haven.

This new proposed development is nothing more than an expensive housing estate on water.

For many years, Pembrokeshire people have endured heavy haulage on their roads for the wealth of enterprise, but this construction could prove to be pain with no gain, due to the greed prying prospect developers.

Julie Halcrow (nee Curry), Pembroke Dock.