ONLY 15 percent of people attending Fishguard’s fantastic New Year’s Eve street party bought a wristband to support the event, meaning that £600 is still needed to cover the 2017 event. Donations are being sought to cover its costs and to improve the party for 2018.

The organising committee is urging those who attended to donate £3 each to help cover the costs of this year’s party and to pay for an even bigger and better event next year.

Wristbands, costing £3, were sold at local shops and at the street party to help raise funds. However only around 533 wristbands were sold and the event was attended by around 3500 people.

“We know lots people came from all over the world to this event and we had estimated 3500 people on the square at midnight,” said organiser Clare Malone-Hallett.

“This doesn't count those with children who attended earlier in the evening for the flash mob and left.

“We thank all those who have donated and ask the public to also please support us please. If 3500 people bought a £3 wrist band there would be £10,500, instead we sold around £1,600 worth of wrist bands; this is only around 533 people buying a band and supporting the event.”

The New Year’s Eve Party committee has now set up a PayPal donation service, via its Facebook page. The button is at the top of the page and it is easy for revellers to make a retrospective contribution, either via PayPal or by card.

“If everyone who attended could please support the event by donating £3, the cost of one wrist band each, then the event will continue to be as amazing as it has been and grow even better as we move forward,” reads a statement on the page.

People can also support the party by joining the Fishguard Square New Year’s Eve 200 Club. 50 percent of the money donated to the club goes to the street party, with the other 50 percent being won by one club member.

This year’s winner took home £395. For more information on the 200 club e-mail

The committee is looking at working with local businesses in order to help fund the 2018 event. The plan to approach local businesses and ask them to get more involved. For a fee the businesses and their New Year’s Eve/ Day events will be advertised in the event posters and on social media.

“We are pleading to local pubs, eateries, hotels, B&Bs and others to please help us to help you,” said Clare. “Let's all work together to keep this event in the square and continue to grow.”

Businesses can contact Clare Malone Hallett to donate for 2017’s party and to discuss supporting the next one.