THE TEAM behind Broad Haven’s boardwalk have given their thanks to the local artist who has brightened up the trees in the nature area over the winter months.

David Meanwell’s Birds of the Boardwalk art installation has seen prints of a whole range of birds perched in the trees around the slashpond boardwalk.

These birds have included robins, and thrushes, as well as more unusual species like puffins and chickens.

In their monthly newsletter, the Support the Boardwalk group said: “Our fantastic artist, David Meanwell, was greeted one day by a five year old with ‘David, David! I found the birds that shouldn't be there – a chicken and a Puffin!’ – Brilliant.

“Others have commented that it’s made it more exciting for their little ones using the boardwalk, so it’s definitely all been worthwhile.”

The group have also given thanks to the businesses which have supported the art project, including The Beach Shop, The Surf Shop, The Beach Cafe, The Ocean Bar and Restaurant, Jim the Chimney Sweep, The Bay, Dolan Court Residents Assoc. and The Women’s Institute.

£380 was raised by these groups, more than the cost of putting on the installation, which means the Support the Boardwalk group plan to launch an art competition with the surplus.