IF PLANS for a network of riverside paths in Haverfordwest are successful, they could lead to similar schemes across the county.

Pembrokeshire County Council and Haverfordwest Town Council showcased the Green-Blue Infrastructure Plan for the town at the Riverside Market on Friday, April 6.

The plans, which include a circular footpath along the riverbanks, are currently subject to a grant application to Natural Resources Wales, and there is stiff competition from across the nation.

Haverfordwest Town Council agreed to match fund a contribution of £12,000 towards the project at its meeting on Wednesday, March 21.

An artists impression of different ways the river could be "greened" in the town centre. PICTURE: Trevor Theobald.

Sara Morris, a conservation manager at PCC said: “A circular footpath utilising the riverside would increase leisure and recreation opportunities and benefit wildlife.

“On Friday, April 6 representatives from both PCC and Haverfordwest Town Council presented information on the bid at a stand at the Haverfordwest Farmers' Market.

“Members of the public were asked for their views on the proposals, which include a greening element for the river in the centre of town.”

Representatives of Pembrokeshire County Council, Haverfordwest Town Council and NRW at the Riverside Market on Friday, April 4.

PCC will find out if the bid to NRW is successful in June.

If it is, the route would add a new footbridge to cross the Cleddau at the Old Mill Ground near the Bridge Meadow to the north of town.

There would also be a 250m public right of way running along the east bank of the Cleddau to the north of the town centre.

Plans for the north of town also include a scheme to graze the invasive plant Himalayan Balsam, and encouraging otters, sand martins, and lampreys who live in the river.

The route through the centre of town would remain much the same, with PCC planning to work with other local groups who have projects along the riverside, including HaverHub, and Transition Haverfordwest.

To the south of the town, the trail would link up with the Priory Saltings project, which is being led by Haverfordwest Town Council.

A map of proposed works to the footpaths around the Cleddau in Haverfordwest. PICTURE: Pembrokeshire County Council. A map of proposed works to the footpaths around the Cleddau in Haverfordwest. PICTURE: Pembrokeshire County Council.

A map showing the route the proposed circular pathways would take along the Cleddau. PICTURE: PCC

It is hoped that if the plans are approved by NRW, green infrastructure schemes could be drawn up for other towns in Pembrokeshire.

The plans were given their first public display at a meeting of Haverfordwest Town Council in February this year by PCC officer Peter Howe.