MORE than 50 residents of Nolton and Roch have come together to discuss the key issues that matter to them in their local area.

The event on the evening of Tuesday, April 17 was hosted at the Victoria Community Hall in Roch and run by the team from PLANED.

Anna Jones, Clerk to Nolton and Roch Community Council said: “It was a brilliant community event for lots of reasons - such a varied demographic ensured that a wide variety of projects were discussed and it was particularly encouraging to see such a great turnout from Nolton as well as Roch.

“There were so many positive ideas as well as strong opinions on how we can best focus our energies to improve our area.

“But above all there was plenty of enthusiasm, energy and a great sense of community, and with these qualities and momentum going forward, we're all very excited for the future of this community.

“A huge thank you to the PLANED team and everyone involved.”

Speaking about the next steps, Karen Scott from PLANED said: “This is just the start of the process, we had a great turn out and lots of project ideas for the community to develop.

“We can help the residents of Nolton and Roch to turn their ideas into action, and make a difference to their local community.

“We work with communities across Pembrokeshire to develop Action Plans for their area. The process of developing an Action Plan brings the community together to plan for the future.

“It helps get projects underway, reviews progress and is a vital piece of evidence when applying for funding.”

A final version of the Nolton and Roch Action Plan will be agreed at a public meeting to be held in June.

Information on this will be shared as soon as possible.