THE HAVENS Carnival is in crisis as it needs a new team to take over to make the event happen this year.

Broad Haven and Little Haven woke up on Saturday, May 12 to find out that the Havens Carnival is unlikely to take place this year, unless a new team of officers steps up to take over.

At the AGM on Friday, May 11, all officers resigned as required each year, but none of them stood for re-election despite appeals.

As no members of the public were present, it was resolved the committee would meet again on Saturday, May 19 at 4pm at 3 Swanswell Close, Broad Haven.

“The current crew have presented the carnival for almost 10 years and feel the time is right for the next generation to take the reins,” said outgoing Chairman Les Reohorn.

Secretary Karen Griffiths described the carnival as a well-oiled machine.

“Everything is in place for a new team to take this superb community event into the future,” she said.

“Funding, equipments, contacts and with the support of the outgoing team of people, this is a great opportunity for a new younger team to learn the ropes and continue this fantastic tradition.”

The roles which need to be filled include the chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary.

The current committee will stay in place to help the new officers through a transitional year.

Broad Haven school field has been booked for the carnival on Saturday, July 28, as have fairground rides, PAT ponies and bouncy castles.

The carnival needs people who are organised, friendly, enthusiastic and self-motivated to be part of the committee.

The work will include taking part in six or seven meetings to prepare for the carnival, using an established contact network to organise the event, and then helping the team of 40 volunteers on the day.

To find out more, join the committee on Saturday, May 19. Call 07970 921685 to book your seat on the day.