A LEGAL challenge against health board proposals that would close Pembrokeshire’s accident and emergency department could be launched.

Protesters are hoping  a judicial review could be put forward on the basis that there is a potential “flaw” with the consultation.

Hayley Wood, advocate and one of those behind the Save Withybush campaign online, has called for a ‘person of straw’ – someone with little or no savings on long term benefits – to come forward who would be entitled to legal aid.

Four people have now got in touch to help.

Similar legal action was launched – but subsequently failed -against Hywel Dda University Health Board in 2013 in relation to services changes at Withybush Hospital and at Llanelli’s Prince Philip.

Ms Wood said: “I feel this consultation is forcing people to choose the best of the worst options on offer.

"The people of Pembrokeshire are being tricked into choosing something they don’t want.

“We need to be careful of what we are opting for as it will indeed be interpreted that we agree to the closure of Withybush. There is no option of keeping our A&E, which, in my view, proves the decision has already been made.”

The potential flaw campaigners say is the appearance that the closure of A&E is a “forgone conclusion and this goes against the Gunning Principles set out in law.

“We feel there is a legal challenge to be had on this and would like to put this forward as a Judicial Review,” added Ms Wood.