HAS Pembrokeshire been struck by a notorious mystery graffiti artist known for using obscene images to highlight the blight of potholes?

A bright yellow spray painted penis has been spotted scrawled over a pothole near Crundale.

The piece of graffiti was potentially inspired by a protest artist known as Wanksy, who began spray painting penises onto potholes around Greater Manchester in 2015 and gained a viral following.

This treatment has since become the hallmark of a UK-wide phenomenon where residents take pothole management into their own hands. 

Wanksies have arisen to protest potholes in Cambridgeshire and Essex in the last few years, among other places.

An outraged motorist who did not wish to be named spotted the piece of graffiti.

"I was shocked and appalled when I saw it, that sort of thing really rubs me up the wrong way," said the motorist.

"I was just driving home for lunch. I had to pull off the road when I noticed it," they added.

"Obviously potholes are a pain, but is this the way to highlight them? I don't think so: someone needs a stiff talking to!"

Potholes can be reported to Pembrokeshire County Council via its website.