AN inspiring mural on a school hall wall has been commissioned as a 'leaving present' from grateful parents. Dr Faiz Ali and Dr Taher Ali's children have been pupils at Tavernspite School for many years. With their youngest son, Haroon, preparing to leave for secondary education in September, the family wanted to give the school a memorable gift. After a discussion with headteacher Kevin Phelps, it was decided that Drs Ali would commission the mural to portray the ethos and environment of Tavernspite School. Local artist and Tavernspite School parent Martina Morgan took on the challenge of creating the mural, assisted by her talented 12-year-old daughter, Nia-Anne. And the result is an "incredible, jaw-dropping piece of artwork", said Mr Phelps. Martina gave her free time to design and create the mural, which is "truly stunning", added the headteacher. "Everyone in the school community, particularly the children, are delighted with it." The mural features words and images portraying Tavernspite School's aims and ambitions for its pupils; its affinity with the outdoor environment and its Welsh and Pembrokeshire heritage. Said Mr Phelps: "The mural encapsulates all the values and vision that we hold so dear here at Tavernspite School. "It clearly illustrates everything that the school is about and where it is in the world. "Martina and Nia-Anne have done such an incredible job that it is quite difficult to put into words. "We are also very grateful to Drs Ali for their very kind donation to allow this project to flourish. "The mural will be displayed proudly on our school wall for decades to come."