A 10 metre yacht, which suffered engine and rigging failure off the Pembrokeshire coast, was towed to safety by Angle RNLI’s all-weather lifeboat.

The yacht, with three people on board, was six miles south-west of St Ann’s Head on May 22.

The Tamar class lifeboat Mark Mason was launched at 9.49am and arrived on the scene at 10.26am. After confirming that all was okay on board the yacht, lifeboat volunteers rigged a tow and a course was set for Neyland.

On arrival at Neyland at 12.40pm the tow was handed over to the marina’s work boat to berth the yacht.

With no more assistance required, the lifeboat was released to return to her station, where she was rehoused at 1.22pm after over 3.5hours at sea. It was the second call-out in four days for the lifeboat.