THIS new green scheme for paths and pavements is very admirable, especially as the development on the riverside site has already began.

The five senior officers who were in your ‘photo-call’ should be congratulated and I hope the finance for this is forth-coming.

However, hasn’t the PCC Cabinet forgotten something that the priority for all pedestrians is their safety and protection throughout the county from selfish and careless drivers who constantly park on pavements. This causes obstruction and forces the pedestrians to walk on the highways but this is not the only danger that confronts them, including the disabled the blind and mothers with children in push chairs.

This is not just a Pembrokeshire problem it is also a national problem and all local authorities in the UK are now facing repair costs which are constantly increasing because of the last 50 years neglect of a ordinated plan for the pavements.

We now have pavements which are a mix of paving slabs, concrete paths, paviour bricks and tarmac, even grass verges, all these have been altered and reinstated by all the essential services in the past.

The only thing that I can bear witness to as a disabled war pensioner, that has to use a wheelchair every day, is the fear and frustration of mothers with pushchairs and the blind, pedestrians generally.

I still have hope for the future and that our elected representatives in Parliament, the regional assemblies and local authorities will change their priorities so that our wish list will come true.


Merlins Bridge