STUDENTS who built a boardwalk to connect green outdoor areas of Haverfordwest have been thanked for their hard work.

Environmental and Countryside Conservation students at Pembrokeshire College built the boardwalk pathway at Haverfordwest’s Priory Saltings back in March.

Now they have been thanked by the town council for volunteering their time with a special civic award.

The Haverfordwest Mayor’s Award 2018 thanks the students between the ages of 16 and 23 worked for building the boardwalk along the northern edge of the Saltings, to connect it with a footpath under the town bypass which leads to the Priory Ruins.

The students named in the award are: Luke Evans, Jake Richards, Charlotte Hughes, Marcus Crawford, Michael Strand, Angus Russel, Madeleine Nix, Cai Howes, Elspeth Andrews, Gareth James, Cieran Hewitt, and Martin Mann.

Cllr Jon Collier, who has spearheaded plans at the Saltings thanked the students for their work, as well as South Hook LNG, who provided a £5,000 grant to get the project off the ground.

The certificate was presented to the group of students by Cllr Sue Murray, of Haverfordwest Town Council at the Saltings, with South Hook and college staff at hand too.

“This pathway is a way of linking up two of our green areas in town,” said Cllr Collier.

“Perhaps in the future we can do the same for other areas around the town.”

Cllr Collier also thanked Sue O’Dare of Alderwick’s Pot Factory for allowing the students and council to store equipment and materials while working at the Saltings.

The Priory Saltings area was once Haverfordwest’s town rubbish tip, but has been greened over in recent years, leading the town council to investigate the possibility of using it as a parkland.

There are plans to link the Priory Saltings to a new green-blue infrastructure scheme, which would create a continuous path along the Cleddau between the north and south of the county town.