A former mayor of Pembroke, David Boswell, told a jury this afternoon he felt physically sick at being accused of raping a six-year-old girl.

Boswell, aged 57, of Bush Street, Pembroke Dock, is on trial at Swansea crown court accused of seven offences of indecent assault and one rape. He denies all the charges.

The jury heard that after police explained to him that a woman had complained that he had sexually abused her when she was about nine years of age, Boswell told them: "I can put my hand on the bible and say I have never sexually assaulted that girl.

"If I had done something why has its taken so long for it to come out?."

Boswell - who is also a Pembrokeshire County Councillor - was questioned a second time when another woman contacted them to make similar allegations, this time including one of rape when she was six years old.

His response included, "I categorically deny raping a six year old girl or anybody else. It makes me feel sick.

"It makes no sense to me. You can give me a lie detector if you want."

Boswell this afternoon (Wednesday) gave evidence on his own behalf.

He told the jury how he served 13 years in the Army before leaving to become a lorry driver in the Pembroke Dock area.

He said the allegations were "complete lies."

Miss Catherine Richards, prosecuting, argued the women had been motivated to complain about what had happened to them on learning that there were now young girls within Boswell's extended family.

Boswell said he could not explain why false allegations had been made about him.

The trial has progressed faster than anticipated and the verdicts could be returned as early as tomorrow (Thursday).