THE Duchess of Cornwall named the foal of one of the rarest horse breeds in the world when she paid a visit to a north Pembrokeshire farm today.

Camilla visited the Dyfed Shire Horse Farm, in Eglwyswrw, on Tuesday, July 3 at 12pm where she toured the farmyard, met with a number of Shire horses and named a foal.

Prince Charles also made an unexpected visit to the farm before he had to set off to another engagement.

The Duchess of Cornwall named the foal Dyfed Merlin and unveiled a plaque to commemorate her visit.

She then watched a shire horse be prepared in the demonstration area and took part in a cart ride around the farm.

Farm manager, Mark Cole, 35 said the day was a big success.

"It went very well, the sun was shining and the Duchess of Cornwall clearly enjoyed her visit," he said.

"I think the Duchess is very experienced in the equine world and that came across in her relaxed persona."

Mr Cole said that it was obvious that Camilla was comfortable when she took the reins during her cart ride around the farm.

"It was a pleasure to see her taking the reins of a shire horse," he added.

Mark's wife, Alison Cole, 34, agreed that the day had been a success.

She said: "It was great, she seemed very relaxed and all the horses were well behaved."

Mrs Cole said that Camilla even brought polos along, which she fed to the horses.

Clair Bosworth, 27, the Yard Manager at the farm took the Duchess on the cart ride.

She said: "It was slightly terrifying but she's so friendly. It was just like talking to any other horse lover.

"I asked if she wanted to take the reins, she's got much more experience at driving horses than I do."

Huw Murphy, the owner of the farm and Mark's brother, said: "I think it went very well. I think it was a good reflection on our community and our area. It is not often that north Pembrokeshire gets a royal visit.

"She was very down to earth, as was Prince Charles before he went off to another engagement.

"I think they have an interest and passion in horses and that is probably why they paid a visit to the farm."

One of the Dyfed Shire horse bloodline is Dyfed Grey Celt, who was sold to the Household Cavalry in 2008.