A chance invitation to dinner during a songwriting trip  in the mountains has resulted in a hard-hitting creative collaboration between north Pembrokeshire singer songwriter Jasmine Power and cult American artist, Amanda Palmer.

Jasmine and Amanda’s duet, Mr Weinstein Will See You Now, was released to great acclaim at the end of last month a haunting and empowering song that addresses the issues raised by the Me Too movement.

The duet tells the story of an abusive encounter in a hotel room using two voices from the same woman, the stronger voice telling her she doesn’t have to go through with it and is powerful enough to run away.

“We went into a studio together to try to co-write something, anything, together,” said Amanda. “The news about Stormy Daniels was just hitting fever pitch, and I found myself thinking about hotel rooms across the world, how they’ve been the backdrops of so many of these painful encounters.

“That was the starting point, and we wrote with the idea of a split self: two voices inside one woman’s head.”

Jasmine added:

“Inspiration hit when we realized we could sing two perspectives of one woman’s experience of abuse: how fear of power can overcome her conscience which is telling her she is strong enough to run away.”

Jasmin, who is a former Ysgol Bro Gwaun and Ysgol Dewi Sant pupil, had never heard of Amanda until their chance meeting, but, after singing to each other and improvising in a candlelit barn, they instantly clicked creatively.

“Working with Amanda was wild and different, pretty intense,” said Jasmine. “We wrote a song in a way I never had before. It was an exciting and thrilling process but also pretty harrowing. I wrote around seven pages of words, I had to dig deep.”

“I began to improvise around her lines, wherever it felt right to be the other voice, the stronger voice, the inner conscience.

“The song grew from there. It was empowering writing this with a strong woman like Amanda, it shows what it took – two women in a room together sharing thoughts and stories.

“I'm ecstatic that I could create such a song with an empowering artist like Amanda. My entire life I have dreamt of making impact through my music and I think with this song, we did just that.

“We wanted to write a song that women could listen to and feel understood, supported and empowered.

“I’m so excited that we arrived at this song. It felt very poignant to me to write this song with Amanda about a subject that I feel every woman and every man should hear.”

Jasmine has been lauded as one to watch by musical luminaries such as Jamie Cullum and Giles Peterson. She has just returned from a writing trip to the states with her team Sketch&Dodds Power and is in the middle of making her debut album with two “madly creative producers”. She is releasing her next single soon, as well as writing for other singers and for film and TV. She is performing at a few select venues over the summer.

Until the end of June 100% of the money raised through digital sales of the song were donated to TimesUp, a legal defence fund that provides subsidized legal support to those who have experienced sexual harassment, assault, or abuse in the workplace.

For more information visit: www.jasminepower.com or visit jasziepower on twitter, Instagram or Facebook. To listen to and download the song visit https://amandapalmer.bandcamp.com/track/mr-weinstein-will-see-you-now-2.