A call for extra vigilance on south Pembrokeshire's roads this weekend is being made by a county roads policing officer.

Cycling events are taking part on Saturday as part of the multi-sport Long Course Weekend, with the Wales Sportive covering a 112-mile route.

Although there are partial road closures along some areas of the route, cyclists will still be sharing the road with vehicles in others.

Sergeant Justin Williams is reminding road users to be aware of the event and drive accordingly.

He said: "A bit of care and respect for other road users will help us ensure a safe and enjoyable event for all.

"Most roads will remain open to vehicles during this event, and therefore I urge people to slow down and be extra vigilant, particularly at junctions, and to give cyclists plenty of space.

"Similarly, I must remind cyclists taking part in the Long Course that they must still adhere to the Highway Code when competing.

"Be aware that vehicles will still be using the roads, so the usual rules and advice for cycling safely apply.

"Good luck to all taking part. Enjoy our Pembrokeshire roads safely this summer."

Top safety tips from Pembrokeshire's Roads Policing Unit:

* Follow the Highway Code - adhere to red lights and don't cycle on pavements, unless a designated cycle path. 

*Remember to share the road respectfully with all road users. 

*Be patient and give other road users plenty of room. 

*When turning, signal clearly and make eye contact with other road users, so you know they've seen you. 

*Be especially vigilant at junctions, where most accidents occur.

See lcwwales.com/ for details on the Long Course Weekend.