Manor Wildlife Park has welcomed two endangered red pandas, named Betty and Cherry.

The pair, one-year-old sisters joined the park from Odense zoo in Demark and have spent the last few weeks setting into their new home here in west Wales.

Their new home, a £250,000 state of the art walkthrough exhibit allows guests to come face to face with these most enigmatic of animals.

Wooden walkways lead visitors into a forest canopy, where they can catch a glimpse of the animals enjoying their favourite food - bamboo!

The exhibit allows guests to see the animals from a number of vantage points, and also has a small stream, further replicating their Himalayan home.

Red pandas are a species under threat, with their numbers declining by as much as 50% over the last 20 years due to poaching and deforestation.

Through captive breeding programmes and raising public awareness, Manor Wildlife Park will be working hard, together with other zoological institutions to help safeguard the future of these animals.

You can meet the park’s newest arrivals from today, Thursday, when they will be on show to the general public at Manor Wildlife park, St Florence.