ST MARY's Church, Haverfordwest, has been 'bombed'.

Instead of using fresh blooms for its annual Flower Festival, which opened for a three week display with a special inauguration service on Sunday, it has engaged the services of the town's Yarn Bombers to decorate the iconic 12th century building with knitted flower displays.

Two obvious benefits present themselves - no need for watering and no pollen!

Bishop John Saxbee, who officiated at the inauguration, said in his address that the Flower Festival with a difference is not only a 'first' for a local church, but there is a strong historical link between the church and wool.

In medieval times Haverfordwest was the local centre of the wool trade, producing the wealth which enabled the town to flourish and the magnificent church to be built.

There was also a strong allegorical link with the church liturgy which refers to The Good Shepherd, the lamb of God and to Christians as sheep.

The Bishop's staff, in the form of a shepherd's crook, is also symbolic of his role.

The Flower Festival is open from 10am to 4pm until the first week of August when visitors can view the displays and buy light refreshments, which include morning coffee and biscuits, a sandwich lunch with cake or afternoon tea.