THE FAIR folk have been evicted from their homes in Withybush Woods, as the doors to their trees and the decorations outside have been removed by council workers.

The fairy doors, trinkets and other decorations which have appeared in the branches, roots and trunks of the trees in the woodland over the last few months were removed on Thursday, July 9.

All that remains of their grottoes are the cast-aside ruins of colourful doors and the odd pile of sparkling gravel which once filled their elven gardens.

Western Telegraph:

The gravel remains of a Fairy's 'front garden'.

An anonymous caller told the Western Telegraph the fairy doors and other trinkets were being removed from Withybush Woods.

“Children and parents have decorated these trees with the fairy doors. They have been there for some time over the past few months.

“It is very disappointing. You would have thought they weren’t causing any issue at all,” they said.

Western Telegraph:

Half a fairy door strewn on the forest floor.

Some who walk the woods have said they are disappointed in the decision to remove the doors, placed by families to keep the draught out of fairies homes.

Di Sianny Bryant, who walks her dogs in the woods, said: “It's totally unwarranted and very unfair on the parents and children that turned up today to see the doors, and no doubt more that haven't heard yet.

“I don't have children, but sympathise with the parents that have had to let their children down. They were delightful.”

Western Telegraph:

Before the clearance: A fairy door against a mossy wall in the woods. PICTURE: Panda Bear Photography.

Stephanie Dewick said: “I was walking the dogs up there a few days ago looking at them and heard a few people saying about the amount of plastic and glitter about and saying it wasn’t bio-degradable.

“I think if people would have known it would all be collected in full eventually, I don’t think it would have mattered as much but I think it seemed like it had all been left there and no one was going to make sure it didn’t damage the environment.”

A Pembrokeshire County Council pickup van and three workers were seen leaving the scene not long after many of the doors disappeared from the woods.

Western Telegraph:

A grave for fallen fairies? Decorations are often left in Withybush Woods.

A council spokesperson said: “The council received a complaint detailing the significant increase in plastic, glass, lights, glitter and other materials being left at Withybush Woods as accompaniments to what are called ‘fairy doors’.

“The complainant pointed out with some justification that these materials posed a real risk to the well-being of the wildlife of the woods - including swans and cygnets- which could ingest some of the small decorations.

“The Council has decided to remove the decorations purely for environmental reasons and they are currently in storage.

“The items have been logged and photographed. If desired they can be collected by their owners by ringing 01437 764551 and asking for area maintenance.”